Those of you who have followed my blogs should know that I have my own unique way of interpreting events. So please allow me to provide my take on how a young man wound up getting shot six times, including two bullets in the head.

In spite of all the media hype and the feelings of the community, I do not feel that this had anything to do with the fact that the young man was black. Instead, I strongly believe that the killing of Michael Brown was related to the release of excess adrenaline.

Please keep in mind that adrenaline is a rage hormone. The fact that Michael Brown was shot six times can only be explained by the fact that the shooter was in a rage. It is most likely exactly what happened to the girlfriend of Pistorius in South Africa who was shot by him four times through the bathroom door. Almost all cops have excess adrenaline – it is part of a job requirement, similar to people in the military who rely on high levels of this fight-or-flight hormone. I can clearly visualize a scenario whereby Brown pushed the policeman into his car, hit him in the face, and went after his gun.

In this situation, it would not have mattered what color the attacker was. The cop was pushed into a fight situation associated with rage. Rage is an extremely powerful emotion, almost impossible to control. It is reminiscent of the Rodney King scenario. He was assaulted by cops who were pouring out adrenaline after he had led them on a dangerous chase. When they finally had him pulled over and they attempted to get him to lie on the ground, he was so high on drugs he kept on trying to get up which is why they kept beating him. If he had laid down as requested, they would not have touched him.

The take home message in the Ferguson scenario should be for people to avoid putting police officers into a rage – especially when the officers have a gun. In addition, is it possible that Brown’s marijuana habit had affected his ability to exercise judgment, similar to angel dust affecting Rodney King’s judgment?

Please understand, I am not excusing the actions of the police officer. What I am doing is offering an explanation of what happened. In a perfect world, attention would be placed on what created this tragedy, rather than denigrating it to a black/white issue which incites hatred and more anger. Why is it that almost nothing has been mentioned about the actions of Michael Brown right before he was shot, that to my way of thinking precipitated his death? Why is it that we can never learn from these tragedies?

My book, “Adrenaline Dominance”, explores in logical detail what can be done to help control excess adrenaline. For example, it only takes 24 hours to get rid of road rage. Without accepting the fact that there might be an underlying cause for the events in Ferguson, the black community will again have the rationale for rioting, looting, etc. reminiscent of the LA riots. This, of course, will raise racial tensions, inviting the unwelcome interference of true racists such as Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson. And, of course, the involvement of Obama and Holden only serves to focus the event into a black/white issue and enhance racial divides in this country.