Product Description

In this ground-breaking book focusing on adrenaline dominance, Dr. Platt explores the underlying cause of many conditions considered to be incurable and that the popular notion of adrenaline fatigue does not exist! He explains why some people release excess adrenaline throughout the day and night even though they are not exposed to the threat or danger that normally stimulates the release of this extremely powerful “fight-or-flight” hormone.

Dr. Platt has uncovered a key to wellness and details how conditions like: anger, road rage, restless leg syndrome, teeth grinding (Bruxism), depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), brain fog, PTSD, autism, bed wetting, leg cramps, TMJ, headaches, ADHD, interstitial cystitis, PMDD, occipital neuritis, plus many others.

The book also provides an in-depth discussion about how to lower excess adrenaline levels that is often accomplished in less than 24 hours once the Protocol is started.

  “Adrenaline Dominance explains how many syndromes, including ADHD, anxiety, and fibromyalgia are a direct consequence of too much adrenaline. This highly readable book shows how we are being stressed into sickness not only form 21st century life but also from low brain sugar problems that trigger the release of adrenaline.”

–Patrick Holford, Founder of the Institute of the Brain Foundation and author of the Low GL Diet Bible

“A new paradigm for assessing and treating many acute and chronic conditions related to adrenaline dominance The book is filled with clinical pearls and information that can be utilized immediately by both clinicians and the average person.”

–Robert Rose, RN

“An intuitive genius for ferreting out the underlying cause of plaguing symptoms that can destroy quality of life and are completely missed by standard RX drug approaches, Dr. Michael Platt offers clear and concise information that is truly transformational.”

—Dr. Marlisa Hurt, Rehabilitative Nutritionist