Cortisol and Adrenaline Dominance

Hey Doc,

Can progesterone cream be used throughout the female cycle if being used for adrenaline dominance issues? Also, does high cortisol as determined by a 4-pt saliva test indicate adrenaline dominance?



Dear Julia,

Progesterone cream can be used throughout the female cycle in order to maximize its effect on managing adrenaline and insulin. The only exception to this in those situations when a woman is trying to get pregnant. In that case, progesterone should not be used for the first 7-10 days of the cycle to avoid the possibility that it might prevent ovulation.
A high cortisol always indicates adrenaline dominance. Saliva tests are not recommended when a person has excess adrenaline, because adrenaline acting as a survival hormone cuts off blood supply to various areas of the body not needed for survival. This includes the salivary glands which often shows low cortisol levels in the a.m. when they should be high. This has resulted in the misdiagnosis of an entity called adrenal fatigue.
Other areas affected by a decrease in circulation are the intestines (IBS) as well as cold hands and feet. The latter can result in neuropathy in the feet due to the cut off of the microcirculation in the feet.
Michael E. Platt, md


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