Dr. Platt Answers Questions about his Adrenaline Dominance Book - A Revolutionary Approach to Wellness

Dr. Platt Answers Questions about his Adrenaline Dominance Book - A Revolutionary Approach to Wellness
Questions & Answers for Michael E. Platt, M.D.

Adrenaline Dominance: A Revolutionary Approach to Wellness

1. How is your work groundbreaking?

Answer: Everyone has heard of adrenaline, but people, including doctors, are unaware that it is the underlying cause of many conditions felt to be incurable. I am not aware of any book that discusses how adrenaline is probably the most potent force affecting all aspects of health care.

2. How is your approach to wellness different from other wellness experts such as those outlined in books like Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome by James Wilson

Answer: Most books pertaining to the adrenal glands talk about adrenal fatigue. The diagnosis of adrenal fatigue was based solely on low levels of cortisol in the saliva, a testing method that should never be used to determine accurate cortisol levels. Ironically, all the symptoms of “adrenal fatigue” are those that are actually due to adrenaline dominance.

3. What are some of the conditions caused by excess adrenaline?

Answer: Some of the conditions related to excess adrenaline include: ADHD, fibromyalgia, insomnia, RLS, teeth grinding at night, IBS, nighttime urination (including bed-wetting in children), anxiety, depression, road rage, severe mood swings, bipolar disorders, addiction, weight gain, plus others.

4. Is it possible for readers of Adrenaline Dominance to come away from your book with self-help tools so they can make adjustments on their own or do they need to be under the care of a physician?

Answer: They should have enough information to get better on their own. The only possible help a doctor can provide is to give them help coming off their antidepressants, sleeping pills, anti-anxiety agents, pain medications for fibromyalgia, blood pressure pills, etc., after they lower their adrenaline levels.

5. If someone follows the advice given in your book, how soon will they notice an effect?

Answer: It only takes 24 hours to notice a significant effect from the lowering of adrenaline. What they should notice is that they should feel more relaxed and be able to focus more clearly. Certainly, by the second night they should be sleeping more soundly without tossing and turning, grinding their teeth, or getting up to urinate. During the day, anger issues should be gone.

6. Why is awareness of the role adrenaline plays in our lives becoming more and more newsworthy?

Answer: Almost every day news articles appear detailing certain events associated with excess adrenaline. These can include killings in high schools, the suicide of Hollywood personalities, road rage incidents, drug overdose deaths, plus others.

7. Why is it that we never hear from doctors about adrenaline?

Answer: Most of what doctors have learned has been from studies done by drug companies. They have never been trained to look for the causation of illness. The idea that they can cure patients is, unfortunately, not part of their knowledge. Adrenaline is a hormone, and doctors have received very little training about how hormones affect the body.

8. What can be done to turn the medical community around to treat the cause instead of the symptoms?

Answer: I have tried to change healthcare in this country by providing information to both doctors and the public about wellness. I have written a book called " The Miracle of Bio-identical Hormones”," The Platt Protocol for Hormone Balancing”, and “Adrenaline Dominance”. Unfortunately, it is extremely hard to change the thinking of the medical community. It has been ingrained in most physicians to provide drugs to treat all symptoms.

9. Even though the U.S. spends more money on healthcare than many other developed countries, why do we still have the highest incidence of diabetes, obesity, heart attacks, cancer and infant mortality?

Answer: It is important for people to understand that the medical system thrives on disease and illness, it does not thrive on wellness. If the underlying cause of an illness is not dealt with, there is no way to eliminate it. In addition, there is no preventive medicine in this country, because they will not allow it.

10. Can you comment on the phrase that “the U.S. medical system thrives mostly on illness, not wellness.”

Answer: The medical system is a big business, perhaps the largest business in the world. It can generate more income treating a disease over a long period of time then it can by curing a disease. For example, if type II diabetes is caused by insulin, why do they treat it with drugs that increase insulin levels or by giving insulin itself? If the immune system is the most important aspect to controlling cancer, why do they give cancer patients drugs or radiation that destroy the immune system? Has anyone noticed that our obesity epidemic started with the advent of a low-fat, nonfat approach to eating endorsed by our medical system?

11. You write that creative individuals often have symptoms of adrenaline dominance. Can you elaborate on that?

Answer: It is important to understand that the brain uses more sugar than any other part of the body. The creative brain requires even more sugar than a normal brain. From a survival standpoint, which is the primary concern of the body, it is imperative that the brain has fuel 24 hours a day. Even while people are sleeping, the brain is working. Any time the body detects that the brain has run out of fuel, the body releases adrenaline in order to raise sugar levels. Because the creative brain requires the most fuel, it is easy to see why these people would have the most problems related to accessing adrenaline. These are the people that will awaken around 2:30 in the morning, at which time adrenaline is released. They will have a sudden urge to urinate, and will find it hard to get back to sleep because the mind will be racing. They often grind their teeth, toss and turn, have restless leg syndrome, and wake up with low back pain and pain along the side of a hip. This pain is due to fibromyalgia, a classic condition caused by adrenaline dominance. For those who might be interested, I have written a book called “Adrenaline Dominance” which describes all the conditions related to excess adrenaline. It also describes why people are putting out excess adrenaline even though they're not in danger. And it also explains how to lower adrenaline naturally sometimes within 24 hours.

12. Why did you surrender your medical license?

Answer: I voluntarily surrendered my license instead of changing the way I was practicing medicine. The experts for the medical review Board in California felt that my approach to medicine was so dangerous that I should not be practicing medicine. What they were concerned about is that I was treating the underlying cause of illness, which allowed for the removal of toxic medications. It was pointed out that it was outside the standard of care for a doctor to remove drugs that another doctor had started. I have been board-certified in internal medicine, and started practicing medicine in California in 1972. I surrendered my license in 2011. During that period of time, I have never harmed a patient and the medical board had never received a complaint from a patient stating that I harmed them. Medicine is a passion for me, and getting people well is extremely rewarding and unfortunately, doctors rarely experience it.

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