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B vitamins are water soluble and cannot be stored in our bodies, so we depend entirely on our daily diet to supply them. B vitamins are destroyed by alcohol, refined sugars, nicotine, caffeine, medications, and stress. Over half the population is deficient in one or more of these nutrients. The B-complex vitamins are essential to mental and emotional well-being. Homocysteine is a major risk factor for heart disease and strokes. In most people, high homocysteine levels go hand-in-hand with deficiencies in vitamins B-6, folate, and B-12.

    • Enhances the immune system and nervous system
    • Improves mental and emotional well-being
    • Metabolizes fats and carbohydrates
    • Prevents colon, breast and prostate cancer

B vitamins are essential for providing energy for the body. They also break down fats and proteins, which aids the normal functioning of the nervous system. They are needed for muscle tone in the stomach and intestinal tract. They are essential for the hair, skin, eyes, mouth and liver.

B-Complex vitamins are a mixture of eight essential B-vitamins that our bodies require on a daily basis. It was previously thought that vitamin B was a single nutrient, but later studies proved that it was actually eight different nutrients that made up the “single” vitamin. Each of these vitamins performs a unique and separate function in the body.

B-Complex vitamins consist of these eight vitamins: Thiamin (B1) energy producer, Riboflavin (B2) antioxidant and migraine preventer, Niacin (B3) lowers lipids, Panotothenic Acid (B5) stress and wound healing, Pyridoxine (B6) hormonal health and natural diuretic, Meythylcobalamin (B12) digestion and metabolism of carbs and fats, Biotin, weight loss, hair and skin, and Folic Acid, heart and mind.

Ultra B also includes Choline (gallbladder/liver function and fat metabolism) and Inositol (B8) (fat and cholesterol metabolism, antidepressant and anti-anxiety).

Preventive daily dosage: 1 – 2 capsules