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Nattokinase (helps dissolve blood clots) - Platt Wellness
Nattokinase (helps dissolve blood clots) - Platt Wellness
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Nattokinase (helps dissolve blood clots)

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    What is Nattokinase?

    Nattokinase is an enzyme that has been found to dissolve blood clots. The primary benefit of nattokinase is that not only does it prevent clots, it also dissolves them. This differentiates it from coumadin (Warfarin), baby ASA, and other blood thinners.

    Clots that form inside a blood vessel in the absence of a wound may restrict the blood flow and lead to heart attack or stroke.The older we get, then, the more clotting and the less clot busting ability we have. Thus, millions of Americans each year suffer heart attacks or strokes resulting from unnecessary blood clots – leading to death or permanent disability. Nattokinase can diminish this risk.

    Nattokinase has been shown to lower blood pressure levels by inhibiting angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE). It has been shown to aid in blood flow by assisting in the clearing of circulation. It has also been shown to help prevent the hardening and narrowing of arteries. Nattokinase has been shown to augment bone density, aid joint pain, assist in the management of migraine headaches and alleviate exercise induced joint and muscle pain.

    Clotting of the cerebral blood vessels has been identified as a major factor leading to senile dementia.

    Prevents and dissolves blood clots and is also used to maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

    Recommended use: One 100 mg twice a day

    Please note: This is a new formulation that is twice as strong. It is less expensive than the old formulation and is sufficient for a month rather than 22 days.

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