Treating Fibromyalgia

Treating Fibromyalgia

Treating Fibromyalgia

Surprisingly, fibromyalgia is considered a condition that has no known cause, and a condition that is incurable. It most often comes under the auspices of rheumatologists, even though it is not an inflammatory condition. It is often felt to be an autoimmune disorder – it is not. The makers of Lyrica attribute the pain to be caused by over stimulated nerve endings, which is also incorrecSo the question arises, how is it that a condition as common and also as devastating as fibromyalgia remains such a mystery to the medical community? Is it possibly related to the fact that doctors are purposely not taught about the causation of illness during their training? I mention this because the fact is that drug companies heavily influence what doctors learn during their training. Understandably, it is of no benefit to these companies for doctors to actually cure illnesses, which of course leads to a decrease in the need for medications.

Along these lines, physicians have been brain-washed into only accepting the truth provided by double blind studies performed by drug companies – which is referred to as “evidence-based medicine”. These are studies that are fraught with opportunities to manipulate outcomes. Prior to this way of doing things, medicine had progressed with the concept of “observational-based medicine”. Doctors would observe how various treatment modalities affected their patients – and learned from it. Unfortunately, observational based medicine has been denigrated as simply being anecdotal, and thereby worthless.

I have been involved with bio-identical hormones for twenty years. They are intimately connected to the concept of wellness since hormones control every system in the body. Needless to say, physicians receive extremely limited knowledge about hormones during their training.

My first book was published in 2004, and it was called “Natural Hormone Therapy for Men, Women, and Children”. It contained a chapter on treating and eliminating fibromyalgia, written in a patient’s own words. Since that time I have written two more books, along with a manual to teach doctors about hormones that should be required reading for all functional medicine doctors. And they all contain advice on treating and eliminating fibromyalgia. I have seen hundreds of patients who have had fibromyalgia, and never failed to eliminate it within three days to three weeks.

I have explained to patients who do have fibromyalgia that if they have chronic pain, this is the best condition to have since it is the easiest chronic pain condition to eliminate. And yet, every article written about this condition says that it is incurable and has no known cause.

Tragically, fibromyalgia is only one of many conditions felt to be incurable that are  easily eliminated just by treating the cause. One of the major benefits of treating the causation of illness is that it allows for the elimination of medications that are often toxic.

In 2011, I surrendered my license. I had been hounded by the medical board in my state who had received multiple complaints from doctors in my town that I was taking their patients off their medications. The board had never received a complaint from any of my patients in 39 years of practice. So I gave up my license rather than agreeing to stop taking patients off medications. Here we are in 2017, and we are at the point where prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death, just behind heart disease and cancer. In other words, doctors are the third leading cause of death. And I was punished for taking patients off medications that they no longer needed.

So the bottom line is that it is not hard to get patients well. You just need to treat the reason why they are not well. I suspect that there may be doctors and/or patients who will read this blog that are curious about how I have treated fibromyalgia. If so, I have a lot of respect for your being open to new ideas. However, to fully understand the rationale behind how I have treated patients, I would strongly encourage you to read one of my books, especially the one called “Adrenaline Dominance”.

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