The Story of Adela Allen and Adrenaline Dominance

The Story of Adela Allen and Adrenaline Dominance

Dear Dr Platt:

I am writing to you to tell you how much I appreciate your dogged persistence in getting your message and protocol out to the public.

For many years, I felt that the people in my family were driven by what I called an accessible adrenaline response. We are all hampered in our daily lives by uncontrollable responses to stress. After reading your book, "Adrenaline Dominance", I finally found out why, what caused it, and how to relieve the symptoms my parents, siblings, and children experienced. The most dramatic example is my husband, who has always been subject to fits of rage, causing his heart rate to skyrocket, and his emotional control to be completely unavailable. I finally realized, after reading your book, that these episodes were actually panic attacks. I started utilizing your diet protocol, and got some of your progesterone cream. At first, he was reluctant to try it. But one day, while he was totally freaking out, neck veins bulging, screaming, spittle flying from his mouth, I applied your cream to his forearm and, in an unbelievable moment, his veins calmed down, and he regained control of himself in less than 5 minutes. Maybe only two minutes. Some might chalk this up to a placebo effect, but he and I both knew better. One month after starting your protocol, he is a much calmer, happier, communicative and productive man. Thank you!

I am 63 and on BHRT. It has helped me more than I can say. I'm sorry, I disagree with your view on estrogen, supplementing it has totally changed my life. However, your insights into progesterone have helped guide my treatment. I had a terrible first pregnancy at 22, with constant morning sickness and weight gain. My delivery was difficult. It was hard for me to lose the 80 lbs I gained. I actually adopted a low glycemic diet, and began running, and eventually lost the weight. In retrospect, I feel that my constant state of adrenaline dominance, from the time I was a toddler, made it difficult for my body to process the large amount of progesterone needed for pregnancy.

I wish I had found this information in time to help mom and dad. I think my mother particularly would have benefitted. My father had ways he learned to compensate.

I have tried to inform my adult children, but since I'm mom, my encouragement often causes resistance. My grandchildren are all developing symptoms of ADHD, and I am able to now recognize their behavior for what it is, Anxiety.

I just felt the need to let you know how much I appreciate you, your innovative ideas, and your bravery in trying to buck the system, and get your work known. I am trying my best to spread the word via social media. I hope that is ok with you.

Thank you again,

Adela Allen, Verified Customer


Dear Adela,

Thank you for your letter. It is always rewarding to hear that I am helping someone.

I am going to send you a meal plan to lower your adrenaline. I will also send an article about excess adrenaline that your children might agree to read. I am aware they will not read the book.

They might be interested to know that they can eliminate their childrens' problem with focusing (ADHD) in 24 hours (and their own).

 You had hyperemesis gravidarum caused by excess adrenaline. This puts you in creative territory, and suggests that your children might also be creative. Creative people have the most adrenaline. They may have been bedwetters, and their children may be bedwetters. If they are unwilling to explore how excess adrenaline is affecting their lives, they should do it for the sake of their kids.

Quick link to the Adrenaline Dominance Bundle.

Dr. Michael E. Platt

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