FDA Approved is supposed to protect the Consumer

FDA Approved is supposed to protect the Consumer

Pfizer has issued a recall on one of their drugs called Chantix. Chantix has been around for about 10 years and is used to help people quit smoking. It works by reducing a person's response to nicotine. Unfortunately, one of the ingredients is a known carcinogenic agent. As it is, it takes about three months to have any effect.

It brings to mind memories of the combination drug regimen called Phen/Fen. This was a combination of phentermine and fenfluramine. It was used for weight loss, and there has  never been anything as effective or as safe as this regimen. Used correctly it caused a person to lose weight as long as they were eating. It also lowered blood pressure, eliminated migraine headaches and asthma, and it took away cravings - not only for food, but for alcohol, heroin, cocaine, and yes, cigarettes.

People couldn't smoke even if they wanted to - all within 24 hours instead of three months. It was lifesaving for the morbidly obese. So, needless to say, since both drugs were generic and no one had a patent on them, Big Pharma devised a nonsense study with 24 women who were on 18 times the normal dose who supposedly had heart valve damage which allowed for the removal of fenfluramine from the market.

Some people actually believe that the FDA is there to protect the consumer.

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