A tale of ADHD and Fibromyalgia, Verified Patient

A tale of ADHD and Fibromyalgia, Verified Patient

For all those who have not experienced the symptoms of ADHD, there are absolutely no words to describe how bad, truly bad, life was before.... I first came to Dr. Platt a year and a half ago. I had been on a nine-month merry go-round of treatments, tests, and scans, all to no avail. Some $118,000 later, an entire staff of doctors could not tell me what was wrong with me. 

I was suffering from fibromyalgia. Every single inch of my body hurt. I could not get out of bed in the morning without extreme pain, I mean PAIN. 

When I opened Dr. Platt's book (The Miracle of Bio-Identical Hormones), I found all of my life's agonies described on the pages in front of me. What makes me this way and how to fix it, all right there in black and white. 

I had just lost my job due in part to all these symptoms. My new bride of a year and a half was packing her bags, and frankly I was seriously considering jumping off a bridge. 

I now know that my adrenal glands are very active, and the one thing that a CT scan showed me is that my adrenal glands are three times larger than the average person's. 

After reading Chapter 15 I realized that I have ADHD. How someone can remain undiagnosed at 47 years of age baffles me. 

The effect that adrenaline has on so many parts of the body simply amazes me how it affects hypoglycemia & blood sugar, the endless cycle of adrenaline versus sugar. 

In Chapter 15 Dr. Platt addresses adrenaline and its effects on the body in many ways. I counted 27 in just this one chapter. 

Adrenaline was killing me.... 

My wife and I made an appointment to see Dr. Platt. Feeling at the end of our rope, we booked the flights to California. 

My mood swings were out of control at this point. Like a clock's pendulum going tick-tock-tick-tock, mine was going: aggression, depression, aggression, depression.... 

We sat across the desk from Dr. Platt, ranting and raving about all the symptoms, all the tests and aggravations. My wife and I often speak simultaneously, so the doc was getting more than his fill apparently. 

"Duncan! Do you want all this to go away?” he asked me in the most sincere way, like he just fixed people's lives every day. Thirty years of agony and this man says, "DO YOU WANT THIS TO GO AWAY?” 

He took progesterone cream and spread it down the length of my forearm. "Now rub that in," he said. 

We conversed a while, looked at some blood tests, etc. Ten minutes or so passed. He says, “How do you feel, Duncan?” The first thing that came to mind was what I was not feeling.... No adrenaline.... I was calm. I was sitting still, perfectly still...

ADHD is a hyperactivity disorder. This comes from too much adrenaline. Too much adrenaline attaching to over 15 million neuro-receptors in the brain equals aggression. 



SOMEONE DIDN'T LIVE UP TO MY EXPECTATIONS........AGGRESSION My life has always been a battle to calm the aggression.... He put that cream on my arm and it was all gone.... Every single symptom GONE. 

In the days following I noticed: 

No more vomiting in the morning. No more debilitating fibromyalgia. 

No more afternoon fatigue. Most of all, I am CALM today. It's great to just sit still.... Every single symptom is gone in 10 minutes.... What can I tell you about my friend, Dr. Platt? 

He has shaken the medical community with his knowledgeable, brutal honesty about how medicine is practiced in our society, how power is abused by our drug manufacturers. He questions the ideas of practitioners who treat the symptoms of disease, not the problem. Make the symptom go away and you're OK. 

The understanding this man has of bio-identical hormones and the human body's reaction to hormone imbalance is astounding. 

There is no doubt about it! This man saved my life. Not only am I alive today, but I have a quality of life that 30 years of medical treatment and antidepressants could not give me. 

I could write a book about all the correct analyses Dr. Platt makes in Chapter 15 about how hormones affect ADHD, HOW ADRENALINE AFFECTS OUR BODIES. I AM LIVING PROOF THAT EVERYTHING THIS MAN SAYS IS TRUE! 

No, it's Not a Miracle … It's Dr. Platt 

Verified Patient, Duncan


Dr. Michael E. Platt has been board-certified in internal medicine. He is devoted to wellness, hormones and supplements. Dr. Platt provides answers to questions directly at questions@plattwellness.com.  He is known nationally and internationally as a specialist in bio-identical hormones. He is also the author of “The Miracle of Bio-identical Hormones”, "Adrenaline Dominance - A Revolutionary Approach to Wellness" and “The Platt Protocol for Hormone Balancing” – a wellness manual for healthcare practitioners.

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