Why Belly Fat? Thank Goodness of Lycra, or maybe not...

Belly fat has a why of sneaking up on you...slowly. Thank good ness for Lycra. However, there is a way to rid of belly fat, if you understand how hormones play a role.
Read below:
✅The primary hormonal change in the pre and post menopausal state is a significant drop in progesterone levels.
✅Progesterone is the hormone that blocks insulin, and insulin is the hormone that puts on fat around the middle. At the same time, because of the drop in progesterone levels, adrenaline levels increase which is a significant cause of a rise in glucose which increases insulin levels as well.
✅At the same time, the rise in adrenaline can cause a rise in cortisol levels to deal with the adrenaline-induced rise in stress. Cortisol also raises glucose and insulin levels. All of this can be managed by incorporating a 5% progesterone cream. This is the exact strength needed to block adrenaline.
✅I do not recommend oral progesterones, whether in the form of capsules or troches, because oral progesterones are converted by the liver into a different hormone called allopregnaneolone which will not protect women from estrogen.
✅A lower strength progesterone will not block adrenaline and often stimulates estrogen receptor sites that put on fat around the hips, thighs, and buttocks.
We recommend HRT cream supplementation depending on your hormone levels. 

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  • Carleen – Apply 4 pumps to the inside of one forearm and rub forearms together. Or apply to the back of the neck if there is tension.

    Michael E. Platt on
  • I have the large bottle of progesterone max and the mini. What dose is in the mini per pump?
    I’m also finding that it is hard to get one pump dose of the large bottle to rub in on the wrists. It smears all over your arms and up into the forearm where it is more fatty which was advised not to do. Can this be remedied? Are other customers having the same issue. I would like to see less amount of cream per pump with same dose of progesterone
    to ensure absorption in correct area.

    Carleen on
  • There are 50 mg of progesterone in each pump.

    Michael E. Platt on
  • How many mgs. progesterone in each dose?

    mary lott on

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