Managing Stress During the Coronavirus

Managing Stress During the Coronavirus

The latest news classifying coronavirus as a pandemic has spiked our anxiety on a global scale.

This link is a great playbook that the has published on daily activities to help with stress during this pandemic.  Click here.

However, one important thing to keep in mind is that when you’re anxious and under stress, the stress hormone cortisol builds up inside your body.  This hormone can weaken your immune system.

The number one cause of stress is excess adrenaline.

The reason for this e-mail is to reinforce the need for you to continue your use of Platt PRO 5% or ProMax 5%. Both of these creams have been formulated with the exact strength of progesterone to block adrenaline.

You cannot overdose on progesterone cream. Any time you might be experiencing anxiety or stress, feel free to apply a pump to your inner forearms or the back of your neck. You can even think of progesterone as an anti-aging hormone because it helps prevent the shortening of your telomeres due to stress and adrenaline. As you might be aware, telomeres are found on the ends of your chromosomes. Their length determines how long you will live.

Please feel free to call us for suggestions on ways to bolster your immune system. Do not be misled by the media – this flu is not limited to the elderly. Almost 50% of those hospitalized in Europe are below the age of 50.

If you haven't read my first Blog on the Coronavirus on building your immue, read important facts on Vitamin D.

Dr. Michael E. Platt has been a pioneer in the research and advancement of the therapeutic use of progesterone cream for use in managing adrenaline and hormonal imbalance. Dr. Platt is considered an important pioneer in observational, functional, alternative, and allopathic medicine focused on bio-identical hormones and adrenaline overload.  His three books “The Miracle of Bioidentical Hormones”, “Adrenaline Dominance” and “Platt Protocol” have received 11 literary awards. 

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