Another mass killing that has people wondering, “How could this have happened?” There will of course be calls for stronger gun control laws. They will be sifting through the details of his troubled life looking for clues as to why he felt compelled to act out in such a violent way. They will be looking for someone to blame, whether it be his parents, or therapists, or whomever.

What people fail to realize, is that every episode in this country involving mass shootings has had one glaring similarity. Every one of the shooters has had the same hormone imbalance, namely, an elevated level of adrenaline. This is a hormone that everyone has heard of, but no one talks about. This is the “fight-or-flight” hormone. When levels are elevated, it creates anger and, at times, rage. Adrenaline creates stress, anxiety, OCD behavior, bipolar disorders, as well as depression when anger is internalized.

In the most recent tragic episode, it has been made clear that Elliot Rodger suffered from problems related to mental illness. He has been diagnosed with Asberger’s, which is a type of ADHD, as well as having some form of “high-functioning autism”, which I believe is another type of ADHD that I refer to as a severe form of a creative-type ADHD. Throughout his life he has been on multiple medications, but when he reached adulthood he went off them, as was his right, most likely because of terrible side effects.

The bottom line is that it does not matter whether you are talking about Asberger’s or autism – both conditions are associated with high levels of adrenaline. Is this a well known fact? Absolutely not. ADHD is all about adrenaline – again, never mentioned. Instead children are treated with stimulants such as Ritalin, Strattera, Adderal, etc., which are actually forms of adrenaline given to numb the brain. No wonder kids hate these drugs. When will mother’s in this country realize that drugs are not the answer to treating ADHD. When will people realize that the most intelligent, successful, creative people in the world have ADHD. When will educators be made aware that ADHD and ADD are not learning disorders but are interest disorders.

Because of his extremely high levels of adrenaline, it is not hard to picture Elliot dealing with severe anger issues due to perceived rejections from women, ultimately leading to his acts of uncontrollable rage. So the question is, could this episode have been avoided by stronger gun legislation? Or would the simple act of lowering his adrenaline level have been more effective? In actuality,  the lowering of adrenaline occurs in less than 24 hours when one approaches it from the underlying reason the body is producing high levels. There is a very good chance that the lowering of Elliot’s adrenaline would have made him more relaxed, gotten rid of his anger, allowed him to sleep  through the night, eliminated any OC thoughts, gotten rid of his anxiety, allowed him to think without being distracted, and so on.

For those who might be interested, my new book, “Adrenaline Dominance”, will be published soon. Theoretically, it could change healthcare in this country, especially when people realize that many conditions felt to be incurable can be eliminated simply by lowering adrenaline levels. As I have mentioned in other blogs, the secret to lowering adrenaline is to eat the type of fuel required by the brain, and to use progesterone cream.

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