It is very important when suffering from any condition that it in order to eliminate it you need to treat the cause of it. If you think about it, this statement makes a lot of sense.  As we speak, there are numerous books on the market that are dealing with a condition called adrenal fatigue. The problem is, however, that it is a condition that does not exist.

The name itself indicates that the problem is caused by a poorly functioning adrenal gland. But in reality, this is a condition that is caused by an adrenal gland that is the opposite of “fatigued”.

A more apt name for this condition is adrenaline dominance, since all the problems are related to a situation where the adrenal gland is producing excess levels of adrenaline. Interestingly, the books describe many of the symptoms that pertain to excess adrenaline, but do not point to adrenaline as the cause of these symptoms.

Instead, they blame a deficiency of cortisol for the problems. The reason for the misdiagnosis is that adrenal fatigue is most commonly diagnosed by naturopaths who favor using saliva tests to determine hormone levels. The problem is that they do not appreciate the fact that the body is releasing excess adrenaline – a survival hormone. Part of the survival response is that adrenaline cuts off blood supply to certain areas of the body that are not needed during periods of danger.

This is actually the underlying cause of IBS, a condition listed under those associated with adrenal fatigue. In addition, the salivary glands are not needed for survival, and as a result circulation is cutoff which results in low levels of hormones in the saliva. The name adrenal fatigue exists because of low cortisol levels in the AM urine test. However, an AM blood cortisol level would demonstrate high levels (above 12.5).

It is not unusual for doctors to prescribe Cortef  (a form of cortisol) as a result. Cortisol is not a “happy” hormone – it can cause weight gain, osteoporosis, thyroid dysfunction, plus other issues. The correct treatment of this situation is to reduce adrenaline levels, which in turn will result in a lowering of cortisol levels.

The correct approach is clearly outlined in my book called “Adrenaline Dominance”. It involves providing the brain with the fuel it requires (glucose and ketone bodies) plus the utilization of a 5% progesterone cream – such as PlattPro5% – in order to block adrenaline and insulin. This approach can result in the elimination of excess adrenaline levels in as little as 24 hours.