The Art of Wellness

The United States is on the bottom of the list of all civilized countries when it comes to health care.  We have the highest incidence of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer, and even infant mortality.  So why is this?  What’s missing from the equation that results in our less then laudable statistics?  Well there are three factors that immediately come to mind:

1)  We have to contend with a medical system that is a huge business thriving on disease and illness – pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, makers of medical equipment, and, in many cases, doctors

2)  There is no preventive medicine in this country

3)  For the most part, healthcare practitioners do not treat the causation of illness.  Instead they give out band-aids in the form of medications that only treat symptoms

One of my goals is to try and encourage practitioners to take an innovative approach to treating their patients.  This is not to be confused with alternative medicine.  For example, if a woman has a migraine headache with her period, the traditional approach is to give her a medication for this.  However, the ‘innovative’ approach is to use progesterone cream to block estrogen and eliminate the migraine headache within minutes.

To my way of thinking, getting people better is very rewarding – not only for the patient, but for the practitioner as well.  I feel that there is an art to getting people well that involves the following:

a)      Hormonal balance

b)      Ascertain and treat the underlying cause of the problems

c)       Eliminate unnecessary medications

d)      Nutritional counseling for the individual’s own metabolism

e)      Nutritional supplements to prevent, as well as to treat, certain illnesses

Incorporating these five elements is how I define the ‘art of wellness’.  There are many ‘Wellness Centers’ as well as Executive Wellness Programs that I suspect may not do as much as they could to achieve wellness in their patients.  I have written a manual, for those practitioners who might be interested, that teaches ‘wellness’ along with my own protocols for balancing hormones.

Medicine in this country will not progress until enough people get angry about how they are being treated.  To further enhance patient education, I have written “The Miracle of Bio-Identical Hormones”, as well as “Adrenaline Dominance”.  It can be obtained by going to my website: or from

For those of you who may be frustrated by your care and wish to be proactive, I am available for consults via phone or Skype or in person.  You can call my office: 760-836-3232, or e-mail us at