stress incontinence

The Over-active Bladder

February 13th, 2013|Categories: Excessive Adrenaline|Tags: , , , , , , |

It never ceases to amaze me that our medical system absolutely refuses to acknowledge that the most logical approach to treating a problem is to treat the cause of the problem. They have been promoting the use of using botulinum toxin ( Botox) to treat migraines, and now they are using it to treat women who have a problem with urinary urgency - i.e. those women who when they have to go, they have to go. Interestingly, both urgency, commonly referred to as an over-active bladder, and migraine headaches, often have the same cause. Readers of my blogs already know [...]

Incontinence, Part II

July 3rd, 2012|Categories: Hormonal Balance and Wellness|Tags: , , , |

I feel the need to re-address the issue of stress incontinence.  In my first blog about this problem, I pointed out that treating the underlying cause of this problem, i.e. weakness of the muscles surrounding the urethra, can lead to the elimination of this problem usually in 3-6 days. It is amazing to me that women have allowed themselves to be subjected to incredibly poor medical care, which, in the case of synthetic estrogen has often been fatal.  Now you have women in the Hollywood community, such as the mother of Kim Kardashian, that are advertising diapers for women. [...]