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Angelina Jolie: A Role Model for Breast Cancer Prevention?

May 15th, 2013|Categories: Breast Cancer Prevention|Tags: , , , , |

It's bad enough that you have uninformed doctor's providing dangerous advice, but now we have celebrities encouraging women to make life-altering decisions and undergo mutilating surgeries. As the world now knows, Angelina Jolie has had 95% of both breasts removed to avoid getting breast cancer. It appears that she made this decision in all likelihood because she was informed that she had an 87% chance of getting breast cancer based on the fact that she was genetically predisposed due to a BRCA-1 or 2 gene mutation. Her decision clearly illustrates the fact that there is absolutely no preventive medicine in this [...]

Preventive Medicine: It’s Time to Become Proactive

July 12th, 2012|Categories: Hormonal Balance and Wellness|Tags: , , |

                For those of you who have been following some of my blogs, you must realize that I am a great believer in preventive medicine.  America, and I suspect many other countries, has a medical system controlled by Big Pharma.  As a result, there is no preventive medicine – obviously, it is not good for the business of medicine.                 I suspect that we are at the forefront of a revolution in healthcare – not brought on by doctors, but by patients who are dissatisfied with the toxic or ineffectual approach that is often recommended.  As I have mentioned previously, [...]

The Art of Wellness

May 9th, 2012|Categories: Hormonal Balance and Wellness|Tags: , , |

The Art of Wellness The United States is on the bottom of the list of all civilized countries when it comes to health care.  We have the highest incidence of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer, and even infant mortality.  So why is this?  What’s missing from the equation that results in our less then laudable statistics?  Well there are three factors that immediately come to mind: 1)  We have to contend with a medical system that is a huge business thriving on disease and illness – pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, makers of medical equipment, and, in many cases, doctors 2)  [...]