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You Don’t Have to Suffer with Postpartum

May 7th, 2019|Categories: Platt Wellness|Tags: |

When I first started to write this book, the headlines were filled with news of the trial of Andrea Yates, the woman who struggled with postpartum depression and eventually drowned her five children. Although I think Yates’ problems went well beyond postpartum depression, it was a major factor in her breakdown. This is a very real condition that causes untold misery to new mothers. Fortunately, it is easy to treat. Susan B. found a solution to her postpartum depression by balancing her hormones. I hope her experience will be instructive to other mothers, particularly breastfeeding mothers, who can avoid [...]

A Royal Tragedy: The Kate Middleton Story

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There appears to be a tremendous reluctance amongst doctors to treat the underlying cause of illness. Is it because that most of what doctors learn in medical school is based on research done by drug companies? It is not surprising to hear that when a doctor walks into a treatment room, within 18 seconds he/she knows what drug he/she is going to prescribe. It is almost inconceivable, in this day and age, that a woman with the stature of Kate Middleton should be hospitalized with morning sickness. Why is it that doctors  have a profound lack of knowledge of [...]