Migraine headaches

Migraines, Pregnancy, and Toxic Drugs

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Recently, the FDA issued a warning about the use of drugs in the valproate category - which include Depakote, Depacon, and valproic acid - being used to prevent migraine headaches during pregnancy. Their concern is that these drugs can lead to reduced IQ scores in children. Actually, there are much more important concerns that arise from this warning. First of all, these drugs already have a boxed warning about the risk to the fetus of developing birth defects - so these women should never be on these drugs in the first place. The other major concern that is tragically [...]

Hormonal Balance Is Important For Both Sexes!

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Every system in the body, at any age, is controlled by hormones. Accordingly, at any age, hormones can be out of balance and this factor can give rise to certain symptoms, or,moreseriously, certain conditions. In spite of their importance to our health, doctors receive relatively little information about hormones during their training. Instead, emphasis is placed on using prescription drugs to treat the symptoms of disease rather than getting hormones into balance to eliminate the problem. To demonstrate how pervasive hormonal imbalance is, two columns will be presented. One will represent the symptoms that can occur, and the next [...]