HRT: They Still Don’t Get It

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The latest study on HRT (hormone replacement therapy) was released at the annual meeting of the North American Menopause Society. Their findings were as follows: there was no indication of any adverse cardiovascular effects, and that HRT should be used in women only to try and relieve menopausal symptoms. This study utilized two different types of estrogen. One was a low dose of Premarin, and the other was Estrace given as a patch. In both cases, they utilized a bio-identical progesterone preparation which was an improvement over the synthetic progestin that was used in the WHI study. However, they [...]

Book review

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A number of readers have asked if I could describe more details about my book. The following is a review written by an excellent compounding pharmacist associated with Reed's Pharmacy in Tuscon, Az. The Miracle of Bio-Identical Hormones                                                       Michael E. Platt, M.D. This book has it all! From menopause to andropause, children to adults, breast cancer to prostate cancer, and much more. Dr. Platt is a physician who understands the importance of achieving hormone balance in relation to the quality of life, aging, illness, weight management and optimum health. His book is easy to read and filled with [...]

Hormone Replacement – Which Doctor Do I Choose

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Hormones control every system in the body. Sometimes, they can be out of  balance from an early age, but will certainly be out of balance as you get older. Knowing this, it is somewhat surprising that doctors receive very little information about hormones while they are training, and certainly no information about bio- identical hormones. Practitioners who become involved with natural hormone replacement basically have to rely on two sources of information - studying books on hormones and/or going to seminars. Frankly, neither option provides enough knowledge to be proficient from a wellness standpoint. The reason for this is [...]

Enhance Your Wellness and Longevity and Prevent Aging

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  Metabolic Solutions for Wellness and Longevity         As people get older, things change. The skin becomes less elastic, wrinkles form, sagging occurs. The hair becomes less full and changes color. Fat starts accumulating and it's a lot harder to get rid of.  Aches and pains develop in the joints, osteoporosis occurs, coronary artery disease becomes a concern, muscle mass starts to atrophy, the immune system deteriorates allowing cancer to start winning the war, sexual interest (the libido) becomes non-existent and sexual abilities dwindle.  And this is only a partial list of what occurs.  Until recently, all these changes [...]

Hormone Testing: Blood Test or Saliva?

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When I was practicing medicine, I had the option of suggesting a number of possible ways to test hormone levels in patients. Each had their own advantages and disadvantages. I will be discussing each, with no relationship to preference. Saliva testing is a popular method utilized by many practitioners. After receiving the kit, it has the advantage of being a test done at home. Depending on the tests being ordered, up to four specimens are submitted obtained at various times during the day. My own feeling is that it may be a useful kind of test from hormone screening [...]