High Adrenaline Levels

Anger – Can it be my hormones?

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Mention the word “hormones” and it immediately conjures up the image of a woman who is out of sorts.  However, men and women have identical hormones and both sexes are prone to the same hormonal imbalances.  Imbalance of certain hormones can certainly lead to problems with anger issues. There are different types of anger.  What I will be addressing is uncontrollable anger, road-rage anger, unreasonable anger, and short-fuse type anger; the kind of anger causing people to wind-up in “anger management” classes. This kind of anger is strictly related to hormones.  It is the type of anger that never [...]

Hey Doc/ ADHD

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Hey Doc… My 11 y/o son has trouble in school – he has trouble focusing and never opens a book.  He’s quick to anger at times and has trouble sleeping.  The school psychologist says he has ADHD and recommends he see a psychiatrist to get on medication.  Are drugs the only answer?   -C.A. in Cathedral City-  -------------------------------------------------------- Dear C.A., ADHD is probably the most misunderstood condition there is.  It is commonly referred to as a ‘learning’ disorder; in actuality it is an ‘interest’ disorder.  ADHD is all about adrenaline – a hormone that can cause an increase in [...]

Hey Doc Series/ Interstitial Cystitis

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Hey Doc… I am a 42 year old woman with a chronic interstitial cystitis.  I have been told that they do not know the cause of this condition or how to cure it.  I am on a drug called Elmiron that gives me very little relief. Help! M.J.B. in Indio- -------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear M.J.B., Your condition is fairly common – they estimate 750,000 to 1,000,000 women have this condition. You are correct in saying they do not know the cause or the cure. This is a condition that is manifested by a gnawing discomfort in the bladder that is persistent and [...]