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Fibro Support M (Corvalen M)
Fibro Support M (Corvalen M)
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Fibro Support M (Corvalen M)

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      • Heart Health (CHF)
      • Fibromyalgia
      • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
      • Athletic Endurance and Recovery

    Fibro Support is a product designed to provide metabolic support to patients with heart disease, muscular disease (such as fibromyalgia), chronic fatigue syndrome, or others with compromised cell or tissue energy metabolism. D-ribose, the active ingredient in Fibro Support, is clinically proven to restore cellular energy needed to promote healthy tissue function, increase exercise tolerance and improve quality of life. Your body needs energy, and it has to use that energy wisely. Fibro Support contains pure Bioenergy RIBOSE to help your body make the energy it must have to stay healthy. Fibro Support also provides magnesium and malate, vital ingredients your muscles need.

    The Bioenergy RIBOSE helps your body make adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the"energy currency" of the cell. Aging, strenuous exercise or overexertion, and many metabolic or physiological conditions can drain ATP from your tissue and affect how well your body makes and uses energy. Taking Fibro Support every day helps the body restore this lost energy.

    The magnesium and malate in Fibro Support help your body use energy more efficiently. Your cells use magnesium in over 300 enzyme reactions, and it distributes energy evenly throughout the cell so it is available when and where it is needed. Malate helps your mitochondria recycle the energy you have, maximizing cellular energy output.

    Fibro Support is supported by years of scientific and clinical research. If you want the energy you need to fight fatigue, increase exercise tolerance, enhance physical performance, help overcome the effects of aging, or simply maintain an active, normal life, you need Fibro Support.

    Directions :

    Fibro Support may be taken with other foods approved for your diet. Add one level scoop(two level teaspoons) to 3-6 ounces of your favorite juice, stir briskly and drink. As an alternative, sprinkle on cereal, fruit or applesauce, or just mix in plain water..

    Dosage :

    Normal dosage is one scoop in the morning and one in the evening. A third scoop may be added midday as needed. As an alternative to morning and evening doses, Fibro Support may be taken just before and just after exercise or activity. Continued use is required to maintain the benefits.

    Each jar of Fibro Support contains 56 servings, enough to last four weeks when taking two servings per day.

    Corvalen Chewable Wafers :

    Convenient for travel and those on the go. Three wafers that are chewed are equal to one scoop of Fibro Support powder.

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