I will not belabor the multiple issues blamed for the repeated pre-planned killings throughout this country and the rest of the world. I actually think that there are multiple causes, and the elimination of one or even two causative factors will not eliminate the ultimate tragic results.

If guns were eliminated, bombs would be used, water supplies poisoned, or other horrific acts would be foisted on various groups.

However, there is one unifying factor that is present in every one of the domestic and foreign terrorists, and that universal factor is anger. Anger can be an extremely powerful emotion as is clearly identified by a person with road rage. The latest mass killer appeared to have a homophobic rage. He also had all the classic symptoms of someone with ADHD, which was clearly manifested by his aggressive and abusive behavior during his childhood.

ADHD is always caused by excessive amounts of adrenaline, and adrenaline is a known cause of anger. Adrenaline is the most common cause of anxiety, and internalization of anger is an extremely common cause of depression. Perhaps this is the reason that just about every mass murderer has been on psychoactive drugs at the time of their rampage. And, of course, you can include these toxic drugs as a possible cause of homicidal rages.

When people have excess adrenaline, there is no question that it does not take a lot to set them off. People in law enforcement and the military often have high levels to begin with, which is often beneficial in terms of their line of work…after all, it is the “fight-or-flight”hormone. But it can readily explain some of the downside occurrences that can occur with  an extremely powerful hormone that is hard to control once it is released.

On the positive side, adrenaline is a hormone that can often be easily controlled naturally. I have written a book called “Adrenaline Dominance”. It explains why people are releasing excessive amounts of this hormone, even though they are not in danger. It talks about all the conditions related to excess adrenaline that are often felt to be incurable. And, of course, it shows how to lower levels of this hormone quickly and effectively – road rage can be eliminated in 24 hours.

In a different world that was open to treating the causation of illness, there could be ways of treating children with ADHD by lowering levels of adrenaline, rather than giving them stimulants that actually increase adrenaline levels in order to numb their brains. Of course, the side effect of sudden death caused by these drugs is not a concern  (except maybe in Canada where they took Adderal off the market because too many children died). Of course we live in a country where prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death so that a certain number of children deaths are acceptable).

At the same time, a questionnaire could be devised to give to all people wishing to immigrate to the US. This questionnaire could actually screen those people who may have issues with excess adrenaline allowing them to be vetted more carefully.