I feel the need to re-address the issue of stress incontinence.  In my first blog about this problem, I pointed out that treating the underlying cause of this problem, i.e. weakness of the muscles surrounding the urethra, can lead to the elimination of this problem usually in 3-6 days.

It is amazing to me that women have allowed themselves to be subjected to incredibly poor medical care, which, in the case of synthetic estrogen has often been fatal.  Now you have women in the Hollywood community, such as the mother of Kim Kardashian, that are advertising diapers for women.

Isn’t it bad enough that doctors have been prescribing drugs like Detrol and Ditropan, which are virtually useless medications for stress incontinence since this is not a bladder problem.  Even worse, with the approval of the FDA, doctors have been inserting a vaginal mesh which has had horrific consequences for many women.

However, the stupidity has not ended.  There is a new movement being utilized, namely the injection of Botox into the bladder muscles.  Let me repeat, stress incontinence is not a bladder problem.  Who knows what results will occur when you inject botulinum toxin, a poison, into bladder muscles to paralyze them.

As a reminder, the use of bio-identical testosterone cream can eliminate this problem in most women in 3-6 days.  For those interested, my book, “The Miracle of Bio-Identical Hormones”, explains how to do this.

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