Please understand that doctors receive very little training in medical schools about hormones, and no training about bio-identical hormones.

Essentially all doctors are self-taught when it comes to natural hormones – this is done usually by reading books and or going to seminars. And then there is the rare health care practitioner who has learned much about hormones by sitting down and talking to his or her patients.

For those people looking for traditional approaches to bio-identical hormone therapy, you can check with a compounding pharmacy who can give you list of doctors (M.D.’s and Naturopaths etc; see my note below) in your area that prescribe these hormones. Those of you seeking the non-traditional approach with a practitioner that treats patients rather than lab tests, your search needs to be more refined.

In this regard, I am planning to compile a list of health care practitioners that feel comfortable utilizing a wellness approach to hormone therapy. These are doctors who have attended my webinars and or purchased my manual which explains my own protocol exclusively for healthcare practitioners.

Another option is for those of you who wish to have a consult with me during which I will make suggestions or recommendations that you can share with your doctor. Remember, there are doctors other than M.D.’s who can prescribe hormones: naturopaths, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.

TIP FOR THE DAY:  You can rarely go wrong by treating a patient, but you can often go wrong by treating a lab test.

By: Michael E. Platt, M.D.