If you read my January Blog “Why Can’t I Lose Weight” this post is helpful to narrow in on the important role that hormones contribute to weight gain.

Hormones control every system in the body, and they certainly have a major influence on how we handle weight.

By now you are familiar with perhaps the number one cause of excess weight – namely, excess adrenaline. And, as a reminder, this is the fat that comes on while you are sleeping, or trying to.

I am going to talk about another hormonal issue leading to weight gain which is estrogen.

As I mentioned previously, estrogen is the hormone that puts on weight primarily around the hips, thighs, and buttocks. It is also the cause of cellulite. The primary source of estrogen are the ovaries, and levels are often the highest around day 21 of a woman’s cycle. Those women who experience discomfort from cramps, or PMS, or breast tenderness, are very aware that they are producing plenty of estrogen. And it almost becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy because as the estrogen creates fat, then the
fat cells themselves become sources of estrogen so that the legacy can live on.

There are times when women resort to using BC pills to help control the discomfort of painful periods. On the positive side, it may actually decrease cramps and PMS, due to a decrease in estrogen. On the negative side, however, they are no longer ovulating which means they are no longer producing progesterone – the hormone that helps to control estrogen – and the usual result when using BC pills is weight gain. Some women resort to hormonal IUDs, such as Mirena, which can lead to impressive weight gains. The only type of birth control that I am aware of that does not cause weight gain (other than abstention, diaphragms, or condoms), is a non-hormonal IUD called a Copper VII IUD.

Those women who are estrogen dominant also have a choice of lowering estradiol levels with the use of supplements such as DIM (diindole mutase) or I-3-C (indole-3-carbinol). Another logical choice is to incorporate the use of a 5% progesterone cream.

I mention 5% because a lower strength can actually stimulate estrogen receptor sites. Progesterone in a cream form actually blocks estrogen
and can relieve hot flashes, and PMS, and breast tenderness, and even PMDD – premenstrual dysphoric disorder which is felt to be incurable – and, in addition, blocks insulin, the hormone that puts fat into fat cells around the abdomen. You can get my 5% progesterone cream called Platt PRO 5%.