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One of my goals has always been to change healthcare in this country. It does not compute that even though we are blessed with truly excellent physicians and other practitioners, we still have the highest incidence of health problems of all civilized countries.

Hormones control every system in the body, and it seems logical that they would have a strong influence on our health. This manual provides clear, concise information on how people can achieve hormonal balance with the help of their practitioner.

The manual includes a copy of “The Miracle of Bio-Identical Hormones.” A number of healthcare practitioners make the book available in their office to help their patients understand the importance of why they are on hormones. It can be an incredibly strong marketing tool when they share it with friends and family.

It has the following benefits:

  • 1. Is a companion to “The Miracle of Bio-Identical Hormones”
  • 2. Details my unique approach to hormone replacement to aid in eliminating many conditions felt to be incurable
  • 3. Recommends what labs to order and why
  • 4. Shows a more logical way of interpreting lab tests
  • 5. Has a chapter devoted to managing high adrenaline levels
  • 6. Has sample questionnaires, including a wellness questionnaire for patients that may have excess adrenaline
  • 7. Has a chapter to fully explain how to achieve thyroid balance
  • 8. Includes protocols to give to patients on hormone usage for:
    • a) Urinary incontinence
    • b) Progesterone usage
    • c) Testosterone usage for men
    • d) Vaginal dryness
    • e) Plus others
  • 9. Has a meal plan to help lower high adrenaline levels

The manual can be purchased on the online store.