Hey Doc

307, 2017

Early Menopause

Hey Doc, I wanted to know if this is a beneficial product to use if I am in early menopause? I had my daughter at 30, went on menara contraceptive for 5 years at age [...]

3005, 2017

Cortisol and Adrenaline Dominance

Hey Doc, Can progesterone cream be used throughout the female cycle if being used for adrenaline dominance issues? Also, does high cortisol as determined by a 4-pt saliva test indicate adrenaline dominance? -Julia _________________________________________________________________________ Dear [...]

1505, 2017

BC Pills Cause Tumor Growth?

Hey Doc, I am wondering if birth control can cause tumor growth. My 16-year-old niece had a schwannoma tumor removed two years ago. There was a small piece left connected to spine. they monitor it [...]

805, 2017

Eczema and Excess Adrenaline

Hey Doc, Dr.Platt, this article regarding the safety of progesterone in children is so helpful and came at an opportune time for me. I am using progesterone myself for adrenaline and estrogen dominance and it [...]

304, 2017

Should I Cycle My Progesterone Use?

Hey Doc, Question about progesterone: What about its effect during a woman's menstrual cycle? Will it stop or alter the cycle if used day 1 to to say day 7? In other words, if it [...]

103, 2017

Am I Producing Insulin?

Hey Doc, Was told by endocrinologist there is no test to determine if I still produce insulin. That's not correct, is it? If I'm currently on insulin, does that hinder the test? Want to get [...]