Hey Doc…

I have most of the info I need to help our family in your book “Adrenaline Dominance”, but it did not give any information about using the cream for small children. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to start with 50mg a day for them or if they get smaller doses. I am also wondering about breastfeeding while using the cream. I would greatly appreciate any info you could share in regards to this. Thank you so much.

-Sarah S.


Dear Sarah,

Progesterone cream is extremely safe to give to children of any age. It can be rubbed on the belly of babies with colic, or given to children with the “terrible two’s”, or given to children who have issues with bed-wetting. All these problems are related to excess adrenaline, a hormone that progesterone blocks. When the fetus is in the womb, it gets exposed to incredibly high levels of progesterone, which helps the brain to develop.

To block adrenaline, I would recommend starting with a full pump (50 mg). Later on you can experiment with a tapered dosage. Progestere in breast milk will not hurt the child that is nursing. However, progesterone that is received via an oral route can often be changed by the liver into a different hormone called allopregnaneolone which can cause sleepiness in the child.

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