Metabolic Solutions for Wellness

and Longevity

        As people get older, things change. The skin becomes less elastic, wrinkles form, sagging occurs. The hair becomes less full and changes color. Fat starts accumulating and it’s a lot harder to get rid of.  Aches and pains develop in the joints, osteoporosis occurs, coronary artery disease becomes a concern, muscle mass starts to atrophy, the immune system deteriorates allowing cancer to start winning the war, sexual interest (the libido) becomes non-existent and sexual abilities dwindle.  And this is only a partial list of what occurs.  Until recently, all these changes were considered the inevitable events that occur on the journey into the senior years.  Most of these changes start in our forties, become readily apparent in our fifties, and become a fact of life in our sixties and seventies, and beyond. The onset of these changes defines middle-age; the take-over by these changes defines old age.

        However, since 1990 there has been a tremendous amount of research and studies with regard to aging – not just the biologic consequences of aging, and what causes aging – but more importantly, what can be done not only to stop the aging clock, but to reverse it.  

For the first time, one is able to create a significant difference between a person’s biological age and their chronological age. One can never change their chronological age. which is the actual age, but now, with the proper therapy, the biological age can be significantly reduced. 

 You’ve all heard the expression, “it’s all in your genes”. Well, for the most part, it happens to be true.  From the onset of fertilization, we have all been preprogrammed by our genetic make-up. Our genes not only make up who and what we are, but they determine the rate of our growth, when certain glands will  slow-down, when cellular changes will occur, and… when we will die. But no longer do we have to lie down and wait for it to happen.  We are now in a position to replace and replenish those factors that cause us to age. 

 By doing so, we can restore a lot of the function and vitality that we enjoyed when we were in our 20’s,  enhance our immune system, reverse coronary artery disease, etc.  The ability to make these changes is provided through the correct use of hormone replacement therapy. The main focus of longevity medicine is to make a person’s biological age younger than their chronological age. It is aging that causes a decrease in hormones, and it is a decrease in hormones that causes aging. 

 Hormones basically regulate, stimulate and control all of the different tissues and systems of the body. They are chemical messengers secreted by various glands (the pituitary, adrenals, hypothalamus, pineal, thyroid, thymus and gonads) that are sent to different areas of the body where they connect with certain cells that have receptor sites specific for a particular hormone. Hormones are what enables the body to be in homeostasis – in other words, in balance.  As people get older, their hormone levels begin to drop. Women become very aware of this when they go into menopause around the age of fifty. For men it’s more subtle, but they, too, go through andropause, which is generally manifested by a decrease in libido, increase in body fat, decrease in muscle tissue, etc.

 So far they’ve identified about fifty human hormones. Of these, judicial replacement of only a handful helps promote optimal health with the best chance for enhancing wellness; progesterone, testosterone, estrogen, thyroid, pregnenolone, DHEA, melatonin, and human growth hormone. Another important consideration is that as we age certain levels of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals decrease. Replacing these can convey a tremendous influence on the prevention of illness and assist certain hormones in the promotion of longevity.

For those of you interested in learning more about hormones and how they influence our health, I would recommend my book, “The Miracle of Bio-identical Hormones “. It can be obtained from my website,, or from calling my office at 760-836-3232, or from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.