Hey Doc,

Dr.Platt, this article regarding the safety of progesterone in children is so helpful and came at an opportune time for me.
I am using progesterone myself for adrenaline and estrogen dominance and it is helping. My son is 2 years old and has constant wakings throughout the night, refuses naps and eczema that has no known cause. I myself have had eczema in the past and it’s also been in my family (mothers side) I believe the eczema is related to adrenaline he is experiencing even at the young age of 2. He loves to be scared (playfully) and always sleeps better after a good few hours of it.
In your opinion, can eczema be a side effect of adrenaline dominance?
You are truly saving people and I cannot thank you enough. You helped me with my pregnancy and because of you, my son is here today.
God bless, Darleen D


Dear Darleen,
It is possible that excess adrenaline is contributing to his eczema. Giving him progesterone, especially at night before he goes to sleep, may definitely help. It certainly will not hurt him. Since he appears to have inherited your excess adrenaline, it would be beneficial to have green vegetables and coconut oil added to his diet.
The Doc