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Resveratrol Plus - Platt Wellness
Resveratrol Plus - Platt Wellness
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Resveratrol Plus

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      • Seeks out and destroys cancer cells
      • Supports heart health
      • Strengthens and promotes immunity
      • Promotes healthy blood flow
      • Anti-aging – increases longevity

    Resveratrol Plus contains trans-resveratrol, the most effective form of resveratrol.

    The secret to anti-aging lies with trans-resveratrol. It has been proven in studies to activate the SIRT1 longevity gene and enhance cellular productivity. The key to cellular energy lies within the mitochondria, which has been proven to be the foundation of living longer. Trans resveratrol has been shown to increase the number of mitochondria, thereby boosting your total daily energy, improving aerobic capacity, and enhancing sensorimotor function. Scientists have found that increasing the activity of SIRT1 gene extends one’s life by slowing, postponing, or eliminating diseases of old age.

    Resveratrol’s ability to chelate, that is to remove plaque formations from the brain, has lead to studies exploring its healing properties in regards to the human brain. Scientific researchers have theorized that resveratrol, taken on a daily basis, may significantly reduce neurodegenerative diseases commonly associated with aging.

    Quercetin offers a variety of benefits. It is one of the main treatments for conditions like asthma, hay fever, hives and allergies. Broccoli seed extract (sulphurphane) helps the body to fight estrogen-induced cancers (breast, prostate, etc.), and is beneficial for chronic lung disease.

    Ingredients in two capsules:

    Quercetin dehydrate 200 mg
    Broccoli seed extract 150 mg
    Pomegranate extract 150 mg
    alpha lipoic acid 100 mg
    trans resveratrol 100 mg
    pterostilbene 60 mg

    Preventive daily dosage: 2 capsules daily
    Best to take with food

    Antioxidant properties can neutralize free radicals, fight cancer, reduce heart disease, lower cholesterol, reduces high blood pressure and help circulation.

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