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    In his “Adrenaline Dominance” book, Dr. Platt writes about conditions caused by excess adrenaline or adrenaline dominance by addressing the reason why the body releases this powerful hormone, even when we are not in danger.

    Now included with our Adrenaline Dominance Bundle (Adrenaline Dominance Diet - 30 Day Meal Plan) including delicious recipes that are keto-friendly and help fuel the brain for optimal health.

    The primary function of adrenaline is to ensure that the brain has the proper amount of fuel to operate.

    Excess adrenaline or adrenaline dominance can cause problems such as:

    Adrenaline raises sugar levels via a process called gluconeogenesis, whereby it converts protein into glucose. The brain can use up the fuel in as little as three hours. Understandably, adrenaline levels peak around 2:30-3:00 am, contributing to insomnia and an urge to urinate around that time. Adrenaline can create stress. This stimulates the release of another hormone called cortisol which is an anti-stress hormone.

    As a result, the body is putting out two hormones that raise sugar – while people are sleeping (or trying to). When it comes to sugar, it does not matter whether you are eating it or if the body is making it, if you don’t burn it up, the sugar is stored as fat in your fat cells. This may be the number one reason why people are fighting weight.

    Anytime a low level of fuel is detected, the body releases adrenaline to surge insulin to fuel the brain, which can have a significant effect on our health, and certainly, on the quality of our life.

    Dr. Platt has compiled years of observational and evidenced-based treatments blocking adrenaline (preventing adrenaline dominance) and has written the Adrenaline Dominance - A Revolutionary Approach to Wellness.

    This is all included in this great Adrenaline Dominance Bundle. Get yours now.

    This Adrenaline Dominance meal plan is included separately or with our Adrenaline Dominance Bundle.
    Conditions caused by adrenaline dominance or excess adrenaline include the following: anger, road rage, restless leg syndrome, teeth grinding, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), brain fog, PTSD, autism, bed wetting, leg cramps, TMJ, headaches, ADHD, interstitial cystitis, PMDD, occipital neuritis, plus many others.

    The book also provides an in-depth discussion about how to lower excess adrenaline levels. This can often be accomplished in less than 24 hours once the Protocol is started. Why not break free from adrenaline dominance?

    The book is now offered with a free meal plan to lower adrenaline that can be downloaded after purchase of this adrenaline dominance bundle!

    “It offers a new paradigm for assessing and treating many acute and chronic conditions related to adrenaline dominance. The book is filled with clinical pearls and information that can be utilized immediately by both clinicians and the average person.” –Robert Rose, RN

    "Awesome book...so true helped me tremendously and all I've recommended it too.....progesterone has really helped, myself children and my oreo (doggie) from separation anxiety."  Verified Customer Monja Anderson

    Platt PRO 5% with Lavender Essential Oil has a clean odor (not a fragrance) and absorbs into the skin in about 30 seconds.  Lavender Essential Oil is known to have a natural calming effect.  

    The major benefit of this cream is that it has been specially formulated to provide maximal effectiveness. In this regard, it has the exact strength needed to block the toxic effects of estrogen, insulin, and adrenaline.

    After it is applied, progesterone-only lasts for about 5-6 minutes in the bloodstream because it is quickly picked up by receptor sites.

    The best time to use progesterone is 1-3 minutes before eating. The most important time of day to use progesterone is before lunch because insulin levels are the highest in the afternoon. This is why many people get sleepy between 3-4 PM. Please keep in mind that when sugar levels drop, the body will be releasing adrenaline to raise the sugar levels back up.

    Amazing, all this is included in this Adrenaline Dominance Bundle.

    Progesterone Information

    If you prefer PRO MAX 5% fragrance-free, please make a note at check-out.

    Progesterone provides benefits to both men and women in three major areas. The first area is its well-known effect on women as the hormone that helps block the detrimental effects of estrogen. In this regard, it helps prevent menstrual cramps, breast tenderness, and PMS in those women who are menstruating, along with fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS, and fibrocystic disease of the breast. It also eliminates other problems caused by estrogen such as asthma, migraine headaches, and morning sickness. In addition, it helps to prevent all cancers caused by estrogen, such as cancers of the breast, uterus, ovaries, cervix, colon, and the prostate in men.

    The second major area of benefit of using progesterone is the effect it has on insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is associated with the causation of obesity as well as type II diabetes and its many complications. It is a fact that insulin raises blood pressure and is felt to be a major influence in speeding up the aging process. Progesterone blocks insulin receptor sites on cells, thereby helping to eliminate drops in blood sugar (hypoglycemia). As a result, it prevents sleepiness after eating, between 3 and 4 PM, and while driving. This ability to block the effects of insulin also helps with weight loss.

    The third major area of benefit of using progesterone is that it blocks the action and over-production of adrenaline or adrenaline dominance. Adrenaline is popularly known as “the-fight-or-flight” hormone, and excess levels can create anger, road rage, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and teeth grinding. When anger is internalized, it can lead to depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, IBS, plus other problems. As a neurotransmitter in the brain, adrenaline can cause the mind to race which can cause problems with focusing – i.e. ADHD, or “brain fog”. It also causes urinary urgency in adults as well as bed-wetting in children. Adrenaline is probably the number one cause of unexplained weight gain. Leg cramps at night are also caused by adrenaline, and can usually be relieved within 30-60 seconds when progesterone is applied to the area of cramping.

    Get your Adrenaline Dominance Bundle today.

    Recommended Dose:

    Strength: 50 mg per pump

    Apply 1 pump to the inside of one forearm and rub forearms together. Or apply to the back of the neck if there is tension.

    For those with increased adrenaline (adrenaline dominance), we recommend using the cream 1-3 minutes before meals in order to control insulin levels.

    Do this up to four times a day. When symptoms of increased adrenaline (adrenaline dominance) are abated, you can reduce applications to 2-3 times a day.

    If you have trouble sleeping at night, it is recommended that you eat a low-glycemic carbohydrate just before going to bed. In addition, apply the cream again just before eating your bedtime snack.

    Get your Adrenaline Dominance Bundle today.

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