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Fibro Support Bundle 15% off (Savings of $27.93) while supplies last
Fibro Support Bundle 15% off (Savings of $27.93) while supplies last
Fibro Support Bundle 15% off (Savings of $27.93) while supplies last
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Fibro Support Bundle 15% off (Savings of $27.93) while supplies last


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    Fibro Support Bundle

    Our bundle includes a meal plan to lower adrenaline, an e-book called "Adrenaline Dominance" that explains everything you need to know, Platt PRO 5% progesterone cream (you can choose the Pro MAX 5% with no fragrance - just send an email to with your order number), and FibroSupport to alleviate the pain and give you energy.

    • DR. PLATT CHANGED MY LIFE ❤  I used to suffer from terrible for fibromyalgia but I have been following Dr Platt protocol. Only one month later I am a different woman. Enjoying life again doing things I used to do without suffering the daily burn of fibromyalgia. I suggest everyone take Dr Platt hormone evaluation and read his book Adrenaline Dominance. Such a simple answer for such a huge problem that no Western medicine could solve!!  c ledoux -July 22, 2018

    There are about ten million people who have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Most have been told that there is no cure for this illness. Doctors, for the most part, are not trained to treat the cause of illness. This is part of the problem when you have a medical system controlled by Big Pharma. Even the cause of the pain is misrepresented by drug companies.

    My customers have been aware that the cause of the pain is due to a buildup of lactic acid in the muscles and tendons. It stands to reason that preventing and relieving this buildup of acid should eliminate the pain. The associated 
    fatigue is caused by prolonged tension of muscles, which uses up a large amount of energy. The proximal cause of this condition is excess adrenaline, and the cure becomes manifest when you learn to control excess adrenaline 

    The primary role of adrenaline is not to provide assistance at times when there is danger. The major function of adrenaline is to provide glucose to the brain. In order to reduce adrenaline, the correct fuel needs to be provided in your meal plan. In order to block adrenaline, you need to use our 5% progesterone cream. By doing these two things, fibromyalgia should be eliminated by three weeks.

    1. Fibro Support - $59.00 retail
    2. Platt PRO 5% - $49.00 retail
    3. Adrenaline Dominance ebook (free ebook - value $9.95)
    4. Meal Plan to lower adrenaline - digital copy (free) - go to meal plan page and add to cart: 

    Retail:  $117.95 (15% off) Discounted Price:  $99.97 + FREE SHIPPING until November 30th - Savings of $27.93!

    1) Fibro Support is a product designed to provide metabolic support to patients with heart disease, muscular disease (such as fibromyalgia), chronic fatigue syndrome, or others with compromised cell or tissue energy metabolism. D-ribose, the active ingredient in Fibro Support, is clinically proven to restore cellular energy needed to promote healthy tissue function, increase exercise tolerance and improve quality of life. Your body needs energy, and it has to use that energy wisely. Fibro Support contains pure Bioenergy RIBOSE to help your body make the energy it must have to stay healthy. Fibro Support also provides magnesium and malate, vital ingredients your muscles need.

    The Bioenergy RIBOSE helps your body make adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the"energy currency" of the cell. Aging, strenuous exercise or overexertion, and many metabolic or physiological conditions can drain ATP from your tissue and affect how well your body makes and uses energy. Taking Fibro Support every day helps the body restore this lost energy.

    The magnesium and malate in Fibro Support help your body use energy more efficiently. Your cells use magnesium in over 300 enzyme reactions, and it distributes energy evenly throughout the cell so it is available when and where it is needed. Malate helps your mitochondria recycle the energy you have, maximizing cellular energy output.

    Fibro Support is supported by years of scientific and clinical research. If you want the energy you need to fight fatigue, increase exercise tolerance, enhance physical performance, help overcome the effects of aging, or simply maintain an active, normal life, you need Fibro Support.

    Directions :

    Fibro Support may be taken with other foods approved for your diet. Add one level scoop(two level teaspoons) to 3-6 ounces of your favorite juice, stir briskly and drink. As an alternative, sprinkle on cereal, fruit or applesauce, or just mix in plain water..

    Dosage :

    Normal dosage is one scoop in the morning and one in the evening. A third scoop may be added midday as needed. As an alternative to morning and evening doses, Fibro Support may be taken just before and just after exercise or activity. Continued use is required to maintain the benefits.

    Each jar of Fibro Support contains 56 servings, enough to last four weeks when taking two servings per day.

    Corvalen Chewable Wafers :

    Convenient for travel and those on the go. Three wafers that are chewed are equal to one scoop of Fibro Support powder.

    The Platt PRO 5% with Lavender Essential Oil has a clean odor (not a fragrance) and disappears into the skin in about 30 seconds.  Lavender Essential Oil is known to have a natural calming effect.

    The major benefit of this cream is that it has been specially formulated to provide maximal effectiveness. In this regard, it has the exact strength needed to block the toxic effects of estrogen, insulin, and adrenaline.

    2) Platt PRO has a 5% strength, which means that one pump provides 50 mg of progesterone. To gain insight into some of the actions of progesterone, please refer to the Progesterone Information below.

    After it is applied, progesterone only lasts for about 5-6 minutes in the bloodstream because it is quickly picked up by receptor sites.

    Since it is so short acting, the best time to use progesterone is 1-3 minutes before eating. The most important time of day to use progesterone is before lunch. Insulin levels are the highest in the afternoon, which, of course, is why many people get sleepy between 3-4PM. Please keep in mind that when sugar levels drop, the body will release adrenaline to raise the sugar levels back up.

    Recommended Dose,

    Strength: 50 mg per pump

    Apply 1 pump to inside of one forearm and rub forearms together. Or apply to the back of the neck if there is tension.

    Do this up to 4 times a day, 1-3 minutes before meals

    If you have trouble sleeping at night, it is recommended that you eat a low-glycemic carbohydrate just before going to bed. In addition, apply the cream again just before eating your bedtime snack.

    Progesterone Information

    Progesterone provides benefits to both men and women in three major areas. The first area is its well-known effect in women as the hormone that helps block the detrimental effects of estrogen. In this regard, it helps prevent menstrual cramps, breast tenderness, and PMS in those women who are menstruating, along with fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS, and fibrocystic disease of the breast. It also eliminates other problems caused by estrogen such as asthma, migraine headaches, and morning sickness. In addition, it helps to prevent all cancers caused by estrogen, such as cancers of the breast, uterus, ovaries, cervix, colon, and prostate in men.

    The second major area of benefit from using progesterone is the effect it has on insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is associated with the causation of obesity as well as type II diabetes and its many complications. It is a fact that insulin raises blood pressure and is felt to be a major influence in speeding up the aging process. Progesterone blocks insulin receptor sites on cells, thereby helping to eliminate drops in blood sugar (hypoglycemia). As a result, it prevents sleepiness after eating, between 3 and 4 PM, and while driving. This ability to block the effects of insulin also helps with weight loss.

    The third major area of benefit of using progesterone is that it blocks the action and over-production of adrenaline. Adrenaline is popularly known as “the-fight-or-flight” hormone, and excess levels can create anger, road rage, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and teeth grinding. When anger is internalized, it can lead to depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, IBS, plus other problems. As a neurotransmitter in the brain, adrenaline can cause the mind to race which can cause problems with focusing – i.e. ADHD, or “brain fog”. It also causes urinary urgency in adults as well as bed-wetting in children. Adrenaline is probably the number one cause of unexplained weight gain. Leg cramps at night are also caused by adrenaline, and can usually be relieved within 30-60 seconds when progesterone is applied to the area of cramping.

    Other benefits: 1) it can have a significant effect on the lowering of blood pressure, 2) it can help infertile women get pregnant, 3) it can prevent or treat postpartum depression, and 4) it is  beneficial for relieving peripheral neuropathy.

    For more detailed information on progesterone, please refer to my book, “The Miracle of Bio-identical Hormones”, or to my manual, “The Platt Protocol for Hormone Balancing.”

    Ask about our retail wholesale pricing for retailers at

    3) Adrenaline Dominance ebook 

    In this ground-breaking book focusing on adrenaline dominance, Dr. Platt explores the underlying cause of many conditions considered to be incurable and that the popular notion of adrenaline fatigue does not exist! He explains why some people release excess adrenaline throughout the day and night even though they are not exposed to the threat or danger that normally stimulates the release of this extremely powerful “fight-or-flight” hormone.

    Do you have symptoms of excess Adrenaline?

    Do you awaken in the middle of the night?

    Do you suffer from anxiety?

    Do you have trouble focusing?

    Have you awaken with lower lower back or hip pain?

    Do you have an overactive bladder?

    Do you have ringing in the ears?

    Do you have migraine headaches?

    Do you grind your teeth?

    Do you have cold hands or feet?

    Are you quick to anger?

    Everyone of these symptoms can be eliminated WITHOUT the use of drugs

    In my Adrenaline Dominance book I write about dealing with conditions caused by excess adrenaline simply by addressing the reason by the body is releasing this powerful hormone, even when we are not in danger.

    Dr. Platt has uncovered a key to wellness and details how conditions like: anger, road rage, restless leg syndrome, teeth grinding (Bruxism), depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), brain fog, PTSD, autism, bed wetting, leg cramps, TMJ, headaches, ADHD, interstitial cystitis, PMDD, occipital neuritis, plus many others.

    The book also provides an in-depth discussion about how to lower excess adrenaline levels that is often accomplished in less than 24 hours once the Protocol is started.

    It is now offered with a free meal plan download with purchase!


      "Adrenaline Dominance explains how many syndromes, including ADHD, anxiety, and fibromyalgia are a direct consequence of too much adrenaline. This highly readable book shows how we are being stressed into sickness not only form 21st century life but also from low brain sugar problems that trigger the release of adrenaline.”

    –Patrick Holford, Founder of the Institute of the Brain Foundation and author of the Low GL Diet Bible


    “A new paradigm for assessing and treating many acute and chronic conditions related to adrenaline dominance The book is filled with clinical pearls and information that can be utilized immediately by both clinicians and the average person.”

    –Robert Rose, RN


    "An intuitive genius for ferreting out the underlying cause of plaguing symptoms that can destroy quality of life and are completely missed by standard RX drug approaches, Dr. Michael Platt offers clear and concise information that is truly transformational.”

    —Dr. Marlisa Hurt, Rehabilitative Nutritionist

    4) Meal Plan to Lower Adrenaline - digital copy

    The meal plan for reducing adrenaline is designed around the principle of providing a steady supply of fuel for the body and especially for the brain.

    The importance of diet in treating hyperadrenalism cannot be underestimated.  It represents 70 percent of the successful approach to lowering adrenaline and is essential in addressing all of the conditions mentioned in this book:  the "good," the "bad", the "ugly" manifestations of excess adrenaline. In my view, we can assume that everyone who has one or more of the "bad" or "ugly" conditions caused by adrenaline dominance also has one of its "good" aspects:  typical type, creative type, or mixed type ADHD.

    The meal plan for reducing adrenaline is designed around the principal of providing a steady supply of fuel for the body and especially the brain.  It relies on the glycemic index, which rates foods according to how quickly and how high they raise the level of glucose in the blood, and consequently, the level of insulin.  A useful version of the glycemic index is available in Appendix B.

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