Why there is so much variation with doctors in regards to dosage and timing and for how long when it comes to progesterone?

Q. A member in one of the facebook groups I follow regarding bio-identical hormones asked why there is so much variation with doctors in regards to dosage and timing and for how long when it comes to progesterone.  They cited a page from Dr. Lee's Hormone Balance Made Simple book.  This is what she highlighted seeking clarification from the group,  I thought it might be best to ask you your thoughts.  Thank you!

"We have heard tales of healthcare professionals and pharmacists recommending a 100mg daily dosage of progesterone cream.  This type of medical mismanagement is guaranteed to cause not just side effects, but serious hormonal imbalances, including a shutting down of hormone receptors''

"Chronically high doses of progesterone over many months eventually cause progesterone receptors to turn off, reducing its effectiveness.  Using excessive doses of progesterone can also cause the side effects listed below.  Not all women suffer from these side effects when they use excessive doses of progesterone, but eventually their symptoms will return."

I just thought it would be best to ask you, thank you!

Nicki Anderson


John Lee was under the mistaken impression that a woman produces 20 mg of progesterone a day.

In actuality, it is much higher. This is why he recommended using a 2% (20 mg per pump) progesterone once a day. That strength frequently attaches to estrogen receptor sites and acts like estrogen. It is not strong enough to effectively block estradiol. and certainly not strong enough to block adrenaline and insulin which require a 5% strength.

John Lee and I used to give talks at the same bio-identical hormone conferences before he died. We never saw eye to eye. Contrary to the information in his books, using a 5% progesterone cream does not shut down receptor sites, nor does it have any side effects.

A woman releases incredibly high levels of progesterone that the fetus gets exposed to during the last six months of pregnancy. Even those levels do not shut off receptor sites in the fetus or the mother.

In order to heal issues such as endometriosis, and fibroids, and PCOS, and inability to conceive, and prevent miscarriages. It is imperative to use a minimal dosage of 200 mg per day (800 mg for endometriosis).

What I am saying about progesterone cream does not apply to oral progesterone which is converted by the liver into a a different hormone called allopregnaneolone which has definite side effects and I never recommend oral progesterone.

The only serious side effect I have noted from progesterone - and this applies to any strength - is that it can cause a rapid increase in adrenaline levels in those people with Type III diabetes (insulin resistance in the brain). Unbeknownst to the medical system, this is actually the only test for this condition, which is a common precursor to developing Alzheimer's

disease. If people are made aware of this condition, they can actually prevent Alzheimer's by incorporating coconut oil and MCT oil into their meal plan which raise levels of ketones needed for the brain.

Dr. Michael E. Platt

Author, "The Miracle of Bio-identical Hormones" and "Adrenaline Dominance" and "The Platt Protocol for Hormone Balancing"


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