Why do some people take progesterone every day and others take it off and on throughout the month?

The question often arises about whether progesterone cream should be cycled or used every day. All providers of progesterone cream recommend cycling the cream, skipping either the first week or first two weeks. I am probably the only exception because I recommend using it every day.

The reason for this is as follows: progesterone is felt to be an anti-estrogen hormone and helps to protect women (and men) from problems caused by estrogen. If this was the only function of progesterone then it would make sense to cycle it. However, what is not known is that progesterone also blocks insulin and adrenaline, two hormones that have unpleasant side effects. And unlike estrogen, they are released throughout the day every day.

The only time where one might consider cycling is if a woman is trying to conceive. I do not recommend using various application sites - stick with the inner forearm. But I do recommend scrubbing the inner forearms occasionally with a luffa sponge to clear out the pores. And finally, in the very rare instance that insulin and adrenaline are not creating problems, then feel free to cycle it.

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