Early Menopause

Hey Doc,

I wanted to know if this is a beneficial product to use if I am in early menopause? I had my daughter at 30, went on menara contraceptive for 5 years at age 33. About half way through I started getting hot flashes. I didn’t think much of it. I had the contraceptive removed at age 38, then had my tubes tied. After the surgery I have never had a period and my hormones test positive for menopause. My doctors couldn’t explain it. They wanted me to go on synthetic estrogen hormones. I refused. I am now 41.



Dear Bobbie,

The Mirena IUD caused your ovarian failure. You are absolutely correct in your refusal to go on estrogen.
Our 5% progesterone cream would be extremely beneficial for you to use – follow the directions that come with it. I attached an e-book of one of my books that I believe you will enjoy.
Let me know if I can help.
Michael E. Platt, md


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