Early Menopause

Early Menopause

Hey Doc,

I wanted to know if this is a beneficial product to use if I am in early menopause? I had my daughter at 30, went on menara contraceptive for 5 years at age 33. About half way through I started getting hot flashes. I didn’t think much of it. I had the contraceptive removed at age 38, then had my tubes tied. After the surgery I have never had a period and my hormones test positive for menopause. My doctors couldn’t explain it. They wanted me to go on synthetic estrogen hormones. I refused. I am now 41.



Dear Bobbie,

The Mirena IUD caused your ovarian failure. You are absolutely correct in your refusal to go on estrogen.
Our 5% progesterone cream would be extremely beneficial for you to use – follow the directions that come with it. I attached an e-book of one of my books that I believe you will enjoy.
Let me know if I can help.
Michael E. Platt, md


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  • My daughter is a Fragile X carrier and her 12th chromosome was also involved. We were told by a geneticist told us that she was going through early menopause before 30 years old. They told her she had no estrogen. But…reading the review up above it made me think the Progesterone may help her. What do you think?

    Laura Anne Parsons on
  • I was told by a naturopath that after 3 months of using this cream I may start to get symptoms of irritability and cramps or bloated and that I may need to back off if happens. Is any of this true?
    I am taking this cream for menopause to stop hot flashes and night sweats which has done its job so far. I would hate to stop this , I have been on for almost 3 months now
    Thank you

    Nancy nelligan on
  • Reply to Stephanie:

    You have correctly surmised that I am not a fan of pellets or oral progesterone.

    Please do not blame your doctor. There is not a single hormone doctor in this country that I would recommend.

    The estradiol pellet did cause your lining to increase in size, a problem that was intensified by providing you with
    the wrong progesterone to protect you.

    I rarely recommend estrogen. When I do, I recommend estriol cream, the only estrogen that does not cause cancer,
    and the only one that is effective for vaginal dryness. If your neuropathy is caused by adrenaline, progesterone applied
    to your foot might help. Cold hands and feet would be very suggestive of excess adrenaline.

    Feel free to call me if you have any questions at 760-836-3232 and we do offer a free hormone evaluation. Click here for hormones do’s and dont’s. https://plattwellness.com/blogs/news/hormones-dos-and-donts

    Dr. Michael E. Platt

    Dr. Michael E. Platt on
  • I have read recently two of your book and really believe in what you say. I read adrenaline dominance and the miracle of bio identical hormones. I currently have a bio identical hormone pellet inserted by a bio T clinic and I am 65 and have developed a thickening in my uterine endometrial lining after having been on a pallet for two years. Tomorrow I undergo an Endosee endometrial biopsy. I have taken Armour thyroid and also a bio identical progesterone generic substituted for Prometrium 200 mg during the entire pallet time but now no after reading your books that your progesterone cream would have been a better source and method of delivery as the oral delivery goes straight to the liver and from what I understand metabolizes to another hormone and does not treat affectively situations of estrogen dominance. I believe it this time I no longer should be on a pallet but resort to topical creams and possibly no estrogen supplement at all. I went through menopause in my late 40s. I weigh 170 pounds I am fairly active but had open heart mitral valve replacement surgery 3 1/2 years ago. Ever since that surgery I have had issues I believe with fibromyalgia symptoms and possibly diabetic neuropathy in my left leg and foot only. No one can figure out the cause of the numbness I’m still experiencing in my foot and I have had MRI scans and nerve testing. I’m hoping the progesterone cream can be very beneficial to me And I look forward to sharing what I have learned with my friends and family. I’m hoping that it was not the pallet that caused my uterine lining to increase in size over a three month. Recently and I’m hoping that there is no big cause for alarm. I was sad to see that you had retired but would love to hear any comments you may have If possible. I was ready after reading the books to come out to California to see you. I am in Texas.

    Stephanie Huff on

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