Mention the word “hormones” and it immediately conjures up the image of a woman who is out of sorts.  However, men and women have identical hormones and both sexes are prone to the same hormonal imbalances.  Imbalance of certain hormones can certainly lead to problems with anger issues.

There are different types of anger.  What I will be addressing is uncontrollable anger, road-rage anger, unreasonable anger, and short-fuse type anger; the kind of anger causing people to wind-up in “anger management” classes.

This kind of anger is strictly related to hormones.  It is the type of anger that never improves until hormonal balance is achieved.

The primary hormone associated with anger is adrenaline, A.K.A. the “fight-or-flight hormone”.  This is the hormone that causes rage, the hyperactivity of ADHD, “restless leg syndrome”, converts ADHD into a bipolar disorder, causes people to get into drugs and alcohol, and is also a strong contributor to fibromyalgia.

The increase in adrenaline is a by-product of the body’s survival instinct.  It occurs in response to hypoglycemia caused by an over-production of insulin.  This sets up a cascade of various hormones to be released, which can ultimately result in adrenaline-induced anger.

Although the hormonal mechanisms involved are very complex, the treatment is simple.  The purpose of this article is to make the reader aware that there is a strong hormonal aspect to anger.  For those who might be interested, the book called “The Miracle of Bio-Identical Hormones” provides insight into this area and provides the mechanism where people can obtain relief in a short amount of time.

The interesting facet to this is that adrenaline, the major hormone involved in creating anger, has been essentially ignored.  At the same time, the primary hormone that can relieve hyperadrenalism, namely natural bio-identical progesterone, has also been unappreciated.  I have had patients who have eliminated ADHD in 24 hours, restless leg syndrome in about 5 days, severe fibromyalgia in as little as 3 days, etc.

For even more definitive information, I have also written a book called “Adrenaline Dominance”,  that is the definitive book with regard to excess adrenaline. Aside from providing the brain with the correct fuel, such as green vegetables and coconut oil, the other missing ingredient to reducing adrenaline, as previously mentioned, is the correct amount and dosage of progesterone cream. The book is available on Amazon, or on my website:

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I have also written a wellness manual for healthcare practitioners that carefully explains how to lower adrenaline levels.  For those of you who have problems with adrenaline excess, I do consultations via, Skype, phone, or in office.

For those of you who are spouses of mates with hyperadrenalism, would it not be a luxury to eliminate having to walk on eggshells?



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