Adrenaline and Weight

When it comes to adrenaline, the effect it has on weight may cause it to go in either direction.  This hormone can increase metabolism and give a person an increase in energy which can promote the burning of fat.  Children diagnosed with ADHD that are hyperactive are usually on the thin side.  Later on, in high school and college, they are often involved in sports and again, do not have weight issues.  Professional athletes have excess adrenaline as do people designated as workaholics and Type A personalities.  These groups will generally not have weight issues.

However, people who have excess adrenaline but are not particularly active may experience problems with increased weight or may be constantly fighting to prevent weight increases.  This is a situation found with people I refer to as having a creative-type ADHD, but is most commonly designated as ADD.

As a reminder, the ‘creative’ brain requires more sugar than a ‘normal’ brain.  As a result, the body will be continuously putting out more adrenaline to raise sugar levels.          

One can readily see that the scenario of excess adrenaline leading to an increase in sugar levels which then causes an increase in insulin levels which then pushes sugar into fat cells where the sugar is converted into fat can result in weight problems.  Excess adrenaline also raises cortisol levels.  The first action of cortisol is to raise sugar levels which, accordingly, raises insulin levels.  So now there are two hormones raising sugar levels, stimulating insulin release, creating fat.  I think most people are aware of the struggles Oprah Winfrey has had at times with excess weight.  Here is someone who has access to the most expensive medical care in the world, has her own personal chef, her own personal trainer, and still battles with weight issues.  I am not privy to her exact regimen, but I suspect her problems may be related to several factors – she may be on bio-identical estrogen which I feel is usually unnecessary since most women essentially never stop producing estrogen, especially if they have fat cells.  Estrogen is a lipogenic (fat-creating) hormone that can place fat around the hips, thighs, and buttocks (think cellulite).  In addition, I suspect that her thyroid regimen could be adjusted to help with her metabolism.  However, I suspect her main problem is that she may be on a low-carbohydrate diet.  Let me explain:

Ms. Winfrey is a very creative individual.  The creative brain requires a lot more fuel than a “normal” brain since it is more active.  Failure to provide the proper fuel will set up a situation whereby the body pours out adrenaline to raise sugar for the brain which in turn stimulates insulin and more fat.  If stress is added to the equation then cortisol will also be released, which also raises sugar levels and thereby even more insulin.

When it comes to weight, hormones have an intimate relationship – whether it be insulin, adrenaline, cortisol, thyroid, or progesterone.  Failure to bring these hormones in balance will lead to a lifetime of frustration.

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