I am pleased to be able to report that my latest book has just been released. It is appropriately named “Adrenaline Dominance”, and it should be of interest to many of the readers of my blogs. I say this because the most commonly viewed blogs have been those about conditions associated with excess adrenaline.

These include blogs about ADHD, anger, fibromyalgia, insomnia, RLS, interstitial cystitis, drug and alcohol addiction, hormonal weight issues, road rage, IBS, autism, bipolar disorders, PMDD, and even bed-wetting in children.

My new book talks about all these conditions and more. It addresses the reason why people are producing high levels of this survival hormone, sometimes even 24 hours a day, even when they are not in danger. Just as importantly, it explains how to lower high levels of adrenaline naturally, often within 24 hours or less.

This is definitely a book that drug companies will not want you to read. The lowering of excess levels of adrenaline can allow for the elimination of antidepressants, pain medication for fibromyalgia, hypnotics to help sleep, stimulants for ADHD, drugs for interstitial cystitis, RLS, TMJ,  IBS, and the list goes on.

Those people who toss and turn at night, or grind their teeth, or get up at night to urinate, or have high blood pressure, or have trouble focusing, or fall asleep when other people are driving, or have elevated sugars in the morning, or find that animals and small children are attracted to  them, will all most likely have excess adrenaline.

The book is on Amazon, or it is available on my website.                            The website is:  www.plattwellness.com