Over the years I have treated many patients with ADHD. You may be aware that I have a different take on this condition, which I feel has been largely misunderstood by the medical community.

It is often designated as a learning disorder, giving rise to the need for special classes and, unfortunately, toxic medications.

However, it is my feeling that ADHD is not a learning disorder. Instead, I feel, it is an interest disorder.

I suspect that this condition is all about adrenaline – a hormone that gives people energy, and a neurotransmitter that gives people intelligence and enhances creativity.

My tendency has always been to approach illnesses from the cause. Because of this I found it necessary to categorize ADHD into different types because the particular type dictated the particular treatment. I found it useful to classify three basic types: 1. the typical type – manifested by hyperactive behavior as a child, or type A, workaholic behavior as an adult, or 2. the creative type- commonly referred to as ADD because they are not noticeably hyperactive(although their brain is frequently hyperactive), and 3. the mixed type – a combination of 1. and 2.

The creative child will be into drawing, music, and building or fixing things. The creative person will be intuitive about other people, may often have premonitions or deja vu experiences, and will often find that animals or babies and small children will be attracted to them. Classically this is the type that has trouble staying asleep, and as children may experience bed-wetting. The typical type or mixed type may toss or turn or have restless leg syndrome, or grind their teeth or have TMJ . All types may have anger issues that may be internalized.

Once you determine the type, then the knowledgeable practitioner just has to plug in the natural treatment. For those looking for more information, I talk about ADHD in my book, “The Miracle of Bio-identical Hormones“, and I cover the treatment of the various types in my manual for healthcare practitioners, and discuss it in depth in my new book called, “Adrenaline Dominance“.

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