“You can never go wrong treating a person, but you can be led astray by treating a lab test. When you take time to talk to a person, one-on-one in a comprehensive way, it allows you to incorporate fully understand their unique set of circumstances and symptoms. In this way you are truly able to more accurately and effectively guide them on their journey to health”.

—Michael E. Platt, MD

Dr. Platt, Bio Identical Hormones and Adrenaline

Following the premature death of his mother from breast cancer, Dr. Platt was the journey of assimilating his knowledge about hormones and the importance of keeping them in balance for optimum health and wellness. Through the observation of thousands of patients, he uncovered secrets to the body’s master system: hormones. In 1995, he opened a clinic in Palm Desert, California where he has been consulting with his patients and clients employing his Platt Protocol, a natural approach to hormone balance and wellness.

Background to the Platt Protocol

Dr. Platt practiced internal medicine from 1972-2009. Initially at Kaiser Permanente, one of the first HMOs, when the focus was on preventative medicine, as opposed to today’s ‘managed’ care. He later joined Ross-Loos, where doctors were required to spend an hour, one-on-one, with each patient for an in-depth study of their health in a comprehensive way. This type of ‘independent research’ provided great insight into the causation of disease. He began identifying important patterns and he was able to make important cause and effect determinations. In the late 1970s he focused on convalescent, elder care medicine where his observation and research (and later his role as Medical Director of 30 + nursing homes in Los Angeles, CA.) led him to appreciate the importance of preventive medicine and he further developed the precepts which he employs today in his Platt Protocol. These findings centered around importance of hormonal balance for healthy aging (anti aging).

Dr. Platt had found that treating the underlying cause of problems eliminated the need for most medications as they most often treat the symptoms and not the underlying cause of the disease. In 2011, in a David and Goliath situation, Dr. Platt surrendered his medical license in order to practice wellness and alternative health free of the constraints of the standard of care dictated by drug companies and enforced by the medical establishment. This has allowed him to more freely assist his clients utilizing his skills in observational, natural alternative, and allopathic medicine. All clients are advised to discuss his suggestions with their doctors and other health care practitioners.


Michael E. Platt, M.D.

Board certification in internal medicine: 1972

Internship and Residency: Washington Hospital Center, Washington, D.C.

Medical Doctorate: New York Medical College, New York, NY

Undergraduate: Hiram College, Hiram, Ohio