This blog is not about wellness, it is just that I had a need to vent.

I am not excusing what Donald Sterling said on the recording. In actuality, I believe that he was manipulated into making certain racially divisive statements. I believe that the recording was made to get back at Shelly Sterling who was suing the woman who recorded it. But I have a hard time believing that a person who is a true racist would be dating a gal for a number of years who is half black and half hispanic.

Shelly Sterling said in an interview with Barbara Walters that her husband had some form of dementia. That certainly is not unusual in an 80 year old person, and frankly, was my first thought when this debacle occurred. There is a type of dementia called frontal lobe dementia that is characterized by a loss of judgment. People afflicted with this can wind up saying things or doing things that indicate an absence of judgment contrary to how they had acted in the past.

I believe him when he states that he is not prejudiced. However, I suspect he is prejudiced against certain stereotypes of some blacks and Latinos. This might be representative of how every owner of an NBA team might think, and even Magic Johnson might harbor similar biases. Since he is in the running for buying the Clippers, I feel that all his statements criticizing Sterling should be ignored.

I feel that his girl friend acted in an underhanded vicious manner, and yet has received no criticism. There is not a single corporate head that could be found to be entirely without bias. Certain prejudices are inherent in most peoples since the beginning of time.

When it comes to Donald Sterling, I would ask, “Who is in a position to cast the first stone?”