Few people appreciate the influence that adrenaline has on both our health as well as what we hear on the news.

Now that the Olympics is over, it would seem the proper time to point out that every Olympic athlete relied on adrenaline to provide a peak performance. Michael Phelps owes every medal he has ever won on the presence of excess adrenaline. It also caused his ADHD diagnosed around the age of 12, and also the publicity he has endured about DUI’s and his use of pot.

Simone Biles awe-inspiring gymnastic excellence can also be attributable in a large part to excess adrenaline. You only need to look at her history of hyperactivity as a child, and the fact that her parents, the genetic source of her hormones, were both addicted to drugs. 100% of people in A/A have excess adrenaline, and they do drugs and alcohol in order to “chill out”.

In this regard, it should be mentioned that creative people have the most adrenaline. The deaths of famous people due to overdoses are frequently in the news: Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston, Robin Williams, just to name a few. I will not mention the myriad number of Hollywood stars who are the continuous fodder for gossip journals because of adrenaline-induced rage, or binges, or alcohol abuse, etc.

There is a lot of interest nowadays on how the police deal with citizens by using inappropriate violence. However, people need to understand that people who go into law enforcement or the military often have excess adrenaline to begin with. After all, it is the “fight-or-flight hormone”. Under stress, the body releases even more adrenaline, which is a hormone that can cause uncontrollable rage. A classic example of this was the Rodney King beating. By leading the police on a chase, by refusing to adhere to their requests to stay down, and the angel dust he was on making him belligerent, all created a situation that was unavoidable. By reducing the release of excess adrenaline, 98% of police-related abuse could most likely be eliminated.

Putting aside what’s on the news, consider how excess adrenaline affects our health. It is the number one reason for problems sleeping, such as insomnia, tossing and turning, RLS, teeth grinding , jaw clamping, or getting up to urinate. It is the cause of ADHD/ADD, fibromyalgia, IBS, PMDD, interstitial cystitis, road rage, ringing in the ear, anxiety and depression. It may be the primary cause of unexplained weight gain.

It is the only cause of bed wetting in children, it is the cause of intestinal colic in infants, and “the terrible two’s”, and it is why some women vomit throughout their entire pregnancies. All the conditions mentioned in this article can be eliminated naturally, without the need for prescription medication.

For those interested in learning more about this subject, I have written a book called “Adrenaline Dominance”. It explains why people produce excess adrenaline when they are not in danger, it describes many of the conditions associated with it, and gives clear-cut advice about how to treat it.

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