A: I have had the benefit of studying and researching the benefits of a high dose progesterone cream for many years.  If you ever have the opportunity to read the books I have written or the manual I wrote to teach doctors about hormones, you will note that there are no references in my books. The reason is that everything I have learned has been from sitting down and talking to my patients. “Observational-based medicine” is how medicine evolved. Unfortunately, it has been replaced by “evidence-based medicine” provided by studies done by drug companies using synthetic drugs (they cannot patent natural drugs) with easily manipulated results.

A: It is only testosterone cream that should not be applied to areas where there is hair (there is an enzyme around hair follicles called alpha reductase that converts testosterone into dihhydrotestosterone (DHT). Progesterone has to be in the blood stream to function effectively – do not place it over fatty tissue.

A: All the ingredients are natural and non-GMO. There are no soy products, parabens, or phenoxyethanol.

A: The two books that provide the most information on the clinical benefits of progesterone are: “The Miracle of Bio-identical Hormones” and “Adrenaline Dominance”. Both books can be found on Amazon, in soft cover edition or Kindle.

A: The liver converts oral progesterone into a different hormone called allopregnaneolone which does not attach to progesterone receptor sites.

A: No.

A: Progesterone cannot harm children in any way. Please note that the fetus gets exposed to incredibly high levels of progesterone when it is in the womb (which helps their brain to develop).

A: For the most part, progesterone cream is extremely safe. Women may notice some nipple tenderness initially because there are a lot of progesterone receptor sites in that area. In addition, because progesterone helps to heal uterine tissue, a woman might experience a heavier period or even spotting between periods. Both these issues are temporary phenomena and disappear fairly quickly.

A: For progesterone to function optimally, it is best applied where the skin is thin and there is a good blood supply. This includes the forearms and, for those people with neck tension, headaches, or tinnitus, the back of the neck is recommended.

A: Men and women have the identical hormones – different levels, but the same hormones.

A: 5% (50 mg per pump) is the exact therapeutic strength required to block adrenaline and insulin, and the ideal strength to provide protection from excess estrogen.