Product Description

Imagine if there was something you could take that could help stop the memory loss that comes with age. Something that could help counteract the ravages of Alzheimer’s and stroke. And while we’re at it, how about something that could help you lose weight as well?

Sounds like one of those sleazy late-night infomercials, doesn’t it? But it’s not. There is actually a substance that is scientifically proven to do all of those things.

It is a completely natural substance that research shows can actually help repair brain cells. It is an essential nutrient that our body makes naturally. The name of this supplement is alpha gIycerylphosphorylchotine-—or alpha GPC for short.

Research also shows that alpha GPC helps stimulate our pituitary gland to produce human growth hormone. And that can increase lean muscle mass and help you get more out of the exercise you do—which can help you lose weight. Not to mention look and feel younger.

It is considered a must for anyone battling dementia. But first, let’s look at exactly what alpha GPC is and how it works from head to toe.

Benefits beyond the basic B vitamins 

Alpha GPC is a form of choline, which is a nutrient that’s usually grouped with the B- complex vitamins. Choline is an essential part of cell membranes—especially brain cell membranes. And unfortunately, our choline levels tend to decline as we age.

But alpha GPC is more than choline. Think of it as choline on (natural) steroids.

Alpha GPC combines choline and phospholipids (the prime building block of cell membranes). This helps jumpstart our production of acety|choline—a natural chemical that’s essential for mental function, including memory, concentration, and learning.

Memory and cognition. Alpha GPC can actually decrease age-related changes in the areas of the brain associated with learning and memory. In addition, alpha GPC has significant impacts on cognitive function-—-and it’s safe to take.‘

Alzheimer’s and dementia. In a study of 261 men and women with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease, the people given alpha GPC (400-mg capsules three times a day) had consistent improvements in brain function tests in as little as three months?

Another study of 120 people with dementia found that within 45 to 90 days of taking 1 gram per day of alpha GPC, participants had noticeably improved memory and word fluency. And amazingly, their depression decreased.

Stroke and aneurysms. in another study of 2,044 people who had recently had a

stroke, researchers found that a whopping 71 percent had no cognitive decline or forgetfulness after treatment with alpha GPC.  All this and weight loss too

Scientists believe that alpha GPC helps stimulate the pituitary gland to increase its release of human growth hormone (HGH). And as we know, levels of this key hormone decline as we age.

The researchers found that a group of young men had significant increases in HGH levels 60 minutes after taking alpha GPC. And their fat oxidation was increased within 120 minutes.

Weight loss, improved workouts, memory and cognition boosts, and protection against Alzheimer’s and stroke-induced brain damage? All in one single ingredient? It’s amazing what alpha GPC can do.

Recommended Dosage: Two to four gel caps per day (1200-2400 mg)